Fans who have been following the Sony-Marvel renegotiations over Spider-Man might have lost hope of Spidey ever gracing the MCU. But an recent update has revealed that there might be a possibility of more Spider-Man movies being situated in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What Did The Old Sony-Marvel Deal Over Spider-Man Entail?

The original Sony-Marvel deal let Sony produce the movies which Marvel was creatively involved in it. Pic courtesy:
The original Sony-Marvel deal let Sony produce the movies which Marvel was creatively involved in it. Pic courtesy:

In 2015, Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios came to an agreement which allowed Spider-Man to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With that Tom Holland made his debut in 2026’s Captain America: Civil War. Although there’s been confusion about what the Sony and Marvel deal entails (like whether Venom was in the MCU or could ever join the MCU) the partnership has indeed led to great success for both studios. It helped both sides. Marvel strengthened their MCU brand with one of the their most iconic comicbook superhero joining their expansive universe. Sony on the other hand was also able to reinvigorate Spider-Man on the big screen.

Recently, a new report detailed that Sony and Marvel Studios are parting ways in regards to the Spider-Man collaboration. This was likely due to Disney demanding an equal split of the profits while Sony wanted the original agreement to stay. Originally, Sony was the one who financed the solo Spider-Man movies. This includes Spider-Man: Homecoming and Far From Home. As such they reaped much of the financial benefits of those movies box office successes. Basically, since they invested more so they reaped more. Marvel Studios on the other hand had creative control of Spider-Man so that the character could fit within their established MCU. Also the connection to the successful MCU was something Sony’s struggling Spider-Man franchise sorely needed.

New Reports State Renewed Talks Between Sony And Marvel

Sony-Marvel resuming talks over Spider-Man property. Pic courtesy:
Sony-Marvel resuming talks over Spider-Man property. Pic courtesy:

As per new reports, Disney wanted to take on more financial responsibility so that they could make more profit of the spider-man movies they were helping to create. But discussions broke down which led to the reports of Sony and Marvel parting ways in future Spider-Man projects. But a new update by Variety has indicated that not all hope is lost. Sony and Marvel can still reach a deal. When Sony was reached for comment by io9, a representative said that the dispute between studios is over a producer credit and negotiations are still ongoing.

As of right now, no one has any idea what will ultimately become of Spider-Man. Will he keep on being a part of the MCU or will he go over to be part of Sony’s planned “Venom-verse”? is a mystery. But if a new deal isn’t reached then a major issue will arise with younger fans and other casual moviegoers. They won’t understand why Spider-Man isn’t part of the MCU anymore. This can lead to a lot of problems in MCU’S as well as Sony’s in-universe storytelling.

You might be wondering why Disney can’t just buy back the rights to Spider-Man. But this video below will clarify why that isn’t a realistic possibility right now:

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