‘Sony’s a Coward’: Fans Are Convinced Kraven Will Be ‘Softened’ After Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s ‘Animal Lover’ Comment

With the announcement of Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Kraven the Hunter, fans are excited to see what former Quicksilver could bring on the screen. Recently, fans have been debating about the movie online and questioning if the Kraven the hunter is an outright bad guy or if he’s an anti-hero. Being a part of Sony’s Spiderverse, fans are not happy about the recent revelation that Kraven will not be as brutal as he was in the comics.

 Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Recently, Aaron Taylor-Johnson described his character Kraven as “an animal lover and a protector of the natural world” which brought a few questions amongst the fans. Considering the history of comics, Kraven has been a complete villain and comics fans started targeting Sony and went on to keyboards to talk about it. 

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Kraven the Eco-Terrorist

Users on Twitter started tweeting against Kraven and showed their anger. A user said they are going to turn him into an eco-terrorist who’s not technically a hunter.

Kraven dressed as a member of Cats

Fans also demanded Aaron should dress like a cast member from Cats.

Kraven would have been much better in MCU

A user said Kraven would have been much better in the MCU Spider-Man trilogy. They also targeted Spiderman Director Jon Watts for not portraying Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio as they expected.

Some Marvel Theories

A user posted a comic storyline on how Kraven would hunt Spider-Man and bury him alive that would make you think, was Aaron wrong in his statement

Hope Kraven The Hunter does not turns out to be “Morbin Time”

Sony was also trolled for Morbius and Venom by the netizens for not giving what fans wanted.

Let us just pray that Kraven does not turn out to be like Morbius

Krave The Nature Boy Fan Art

Boss Logic shared fan art of Kraven surrounded by dogs with a caption, “It’s Kraven the Protector now….”

Nature lover Kraven The Hunter

Kraven the hunter or brother nature?

What is the update of Kraven The Hunter’s production?

With the news of Kraven The Hunter being an animal lover, fans are ready to see what is next for Aaron Taylor-Johnson. While talking about the Kraven The Hunter, Ariana DeBose who plays Kraven’s love interest said things are absolutely on-track so far. “It’s cool. It’s going well. I mean, for as much as I believe I’m allowed to say about it, I think it’s going swimmingly,” Ariana DeBose revealed about the project. 

There is no official date for the release of Kraven The Hunter but the film is speculated to release in January 2023

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