“Sorry, Brad, you’re still young but..”: Martha Stewart Gushes Over Her Celebrity Crush Brad Pitt, Wishes For a Special Date With the Babylon Star

We all have that one person we wish we could have in our lifetime. Admiring them from afar and scrolling through their pictures is what makes us blush. Having a secret crush on a person or a celebrity from afar only to admire their presence and their personality is such a romantic concept. Well, guess what, Martha Stewart reveals her celebrity crush to Entertainment Tonight 

Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart reveals her celebrity crush

Martha Stewart shares her fan girl moment, about her secret celebrity crush. She reveals about scrolling through their online snaps and blushing. The television personality confessed to having a crush on Hollywood’s heartthrob. Guess who she has a crush on? 

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Martha Stewart reveals about secretly admiring her celebrity crush

The host of The Martha Stewart Podcast seems to be just like us, unleashing her inner fan girl and talking about her celebrity crush. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Stewart revealed her crush on Hollywood’s heartthrob Brad Pitt. She confessed about secretly admiring Pitt’s snaps online and contemplating how beautifully he aged.

Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart has a crush on Brad Pitt

The 81-year-old, lifestyle expert and podcast host, Martha Stewart participated in a little sip-and-spill game with Matt Cohen from ET when she shared her opinion on Brad Pitt. “I think he’s aging beautifully. Sorry, Brad, you’re still young but you are getting older.” she shared. 

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Martha Stewart has her plans ready to have Brad Pitt as a guest on her show

Martha Stewart seems to have a young fan girl in her, who gushes over her celebrity crush Brad Pitt. The 81-year-old TV personality didn’t hesitate when Matt Cohen asked her about her current celebrity crush. “I was asked this question last week, it was Brad Pitt because I was looking at pictures of him on Instagram and he looks so great” Stewart answered. 

Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart would love to have Brad Pitt as a guest on her podcast

Stewart further revealed she would love to date Brad Pitt, but given the funny age gap between the two, she would even settle for Pitt on her popular podcast show. “OK, that would be good. I would love that,” she said, further adding “You know, he loves architecture and stuff. I could talk to him about a lot of things. He likes wine too.”

Hold up, girl. Stewart seems all set for Brad Pitt to just make a guest appearance on her show. The fan girl conversation was light, following several other topics regarding other celebs. However, Stewart and the readers seemed to enjoy the Brad Pitt conversation most. 

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Source: Entertainment Tonight 

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