PS5 Spider-Man 2: Everything We Know So Far

Spider-Man 2 coming on PS5

Insomniac’s Spider-Man for the PS 4 was one of the most significant successes of this console generation, so it seems inescapable that the new PlayStation 5 will be home to a sequel.

A further slip from Reddit provides fans with a fresh look at Spider-Man 2‘s plot, gameplay, villains, and potential release window. The leak states that on April 17, Spider-Man 2 footage was scrutinized during a Zoom meeting.


The massive slip from the leak is that the Venom symbiote will have a significant role in Spider-Man 2. This was the teaser at the end of the first game, but the leak emphasis on how Venom will appear.

The symbiote will be the work of OsCorp, after assembling it in one of their labs. Some rumors are suggesting that much like Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, that players will be facing morality choices that will affect the direction of the game. Curiously enough, however, the leaker did not confirm that this symbiote was indeed Venom, but rather a proto-Venom.

A Return To The Bugle

On the topic of Brock, Eddie, Mary Jane, and Peter are to be working together at the Daily Bugle under J. Jonah Jameson restoring as Editor-in-Chief.

Jameson arrives because it’s difficult for him to make money on the podcast he ran in the first game. Players can converse with all of these people in-game, with seemingly one debate featuring a frank discussion of Doctor Connors, also identified as the Lizard.

Fleshed-Out World And Dynamic Side-Missions

Spider Man and Venom

Side-missions will be much more evolving this time around. On top of modernizing side-missions from the previous game, Spidey will be able to compete against the Human Torch and work alongside Daredevil, though in what capacity is opaque.

On top of that, the Statue of Liberty will be an in-game location. It will be in for a battle with Mysterio.

Other Protagonists And Antagonists

Having achieved spider potentials in the previous game, Miles Morales will, expectedly, be playable for reciprocal missions.

However, the leak is suggesting that he might come in a square off with Spider-Man, probably as a result of him having the symbiote suit. Miles, seemingly, will also have multiple unique lawsuits.

As previously mentioned, both Mysterio and Harry Osborn will play as antagonists all through the game.

Release Date

Official news on this game anticipates dropping sometime in late-summer, probably August. The game is expected to be released in Winter 2021.

It will be a PlayStation 5 special while all of these rumors need to be taken with a pinch of salt, once we start receiving news on this game. It will be easier to establish whether this leak is accurate and what will be present in the final product.

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