Spider-Man 3 Deal Might Lead to Secret Wars

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have just started to rejoice over the return of Spider-Man to the MCU with Spider-Man 3. At a time when some popular characters bid adieu with Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man will provide the necessary connect and familiarity for the fans of MCU.

Spider-Man 3 to release in 2021

Hints on more Spider-Man crossovers
Hints on more Spider-Man crossovers

The reconciliation between Disney and Sony regarding Spider-Man means that we will get to see Tom Holland in a solo Spider-Man movie as well as an unnamed flick. Tom Holland will be seen in Spider-Man 3 which is slated for a July 2021 release. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige is set to produce both the Holland-led movies. Sony will also continue to build on Spider-Verse. 

Speculations on the yet-to-be-named movie

Predictions about Secret Wars
Predictions about Secret Wars

People are speculating that the unnamed Spider-Man movie might be on the lines of Secret Wars. Although it does look a little improbable considering Avengers: Endgame was released a few months ago. Kevin Feige’s comment “you never know what surprises the future might hold” and his hint on more Spider-Man crossovers have given rise to wild speculations.

Secret Wars may be a way to bridge the gap between the two cinematic universes. X-Men and Fantastic Four may join ‏the MCU organically through this movie. Russo Brothers might return to Marvel for Secret Wars. 

Release dates of some of the upcoming Marvel Studio Projects:

Movie Name Release Date
Spider-Man 3 July 16, 2021
Black Widow May 1, 2020
The Eternals November 6, 2020


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Check out this video by Marvel titled Secret Wars: The Story So Far

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