Spider-Man 3: Mistakes To Avoid In The Far From Home Sequel

As expected from a Marvel film, Spider-Man: Far From Home gained huge success and recognition. With the confirmation of the third film for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, there have been a lot of discussions regarding expectations for the film. There’s talk about hoping that Spider-Man 3 doesn’t repeat the same mistakes that Far From Home did. Here are some of the mistakes Spider-Man 3 should avoid for a guaranteed success: 


Excessive Movements of Peter Parker

Spider-Man: Far From Home': Peter Parker's European vacation is kind of fun
The movie takes place while Peter Parker is on a school trip to Europe

There was a constant shift in locations in Spider-Man: Far From Home that kept breaking the storytelling process. It made the continuity of the film seem abrupt and made Peter Parker’s character seem especially stagnant. We hope the next movie to place Peter in the same city in the duration of the movie so that there can be more focus on Peter’s character than the changing surroundings. 


Making MJ A Generic Love Interest

Zendaya as Michelle Jones plays Peter Parker’s love interest

There’s a general public agreement that Michelle Jones was a much better character than Mary Jane. However, the opinion was formed on her portrayal in Homecoming. Far From Home transitioned her into a generic love interest with no character arc of her own. And thus, bringing Michelle Jones back with her own spunk and characterization will inevitably improve the dynamic between her and Peter. 


Increased Focus on Iron Man

A lot of Spider-Man: Far From Home involved Peter Parker recovering from Iron Man’s death and his legacy. Essentially, the movie focused on Iron Man as Peter’s main motivation instead of his own need to help people. Instead, it would be recommended that they downplay Iron Man’s influence. In that way, Peter Parker can focus on more important things.


Portrayal of Peter Parker

A common problem in the MCU movies was Peter Parker treated as a wimp amongst his classmates. For the audience, watching Peter being bullied and belittled felt like a normal occurrence. It downplays his abilities and his quick-thinking as Spider-Man – even his capability of going head to head with Thanos. Instead, the next movie should avoid belittling Peter Parker as a wimp, and as a more assertive character. 


Wasting Plot Time On Irrelevant Romances

Far From Home: Ned & Betty Are A Couple (Starting On Flight To Europe)
Betty Brant and Ned Leed’s relationship took significant screen time in the film

Far From Home focused on a lot of needless romances, especially the one between Ned Leeds and Betty Brant. Even the relationship between Aunt May and Happy Hogan seemed needless, and contributed nothing to the plot as a whole. With the direction the next film will take, there shouldn’t be much time to focus on romances when the focus has to be on Peter’s identity as Spider-Man.

Are there any other mistakes you think Far From Home made that should be avoided in the upcoming film? Let us know in the comments!

Source:  CBR, CNET

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