3 Best Spider-Man Armor (And 3 That Don’t Make Any Sense)

Marvel superheroes’ armor is a key to defeating threats, but has anyone stopped to think about how they fit? Here is the definitive ranking – from best spider-man armor to those who don’t make any sense – to see who needs to improve, who is progressing correctly, and who is close to perfection.
Spider-Man: Miles Morales is right around the corner. Along with that, some of us are revisiting Spider-Man on the PS4. While slinging webs and soaring above the city, it is essential to stay fashionable. It’s been more than 60 years of history in cartoons, countless animated series, seven live-action films, and one animation,’ Spider-Man.’ Marvel has become one of the most successful franchises. Here is some best and worst spider-man armor:

Iron spider – best

It draws the name from the iconic red and gold armor from Marvel’s Civil War arc. The Iron Spider suit is inspired by Peter Parker’s shiny new outfit in Avengers: Infinity War. As in the film, the game’s outfit will shoot out mechanical spider arms to give some extra reach. Maybe this time, the armor will feel so good.

How to Unlock the Infinity War Iron Spider suit in Spider-Man PS4

Velocity – doesn’t make sense.

The Velocity Suit was explicitly designed for the game. This design comes courtesy of Adi Granov, an acclaimed costume and comic designer who has previously done cover work for Marvel in the past. As the name implies, the suit gives players some extra speed to get around Manhattan faster.

Marvel's Spider-Man - Velocity Suit Reveal Trailer - YouTube

Mk 3- best

This Red Hood-looking suit was created by Peter Parker using the resources he had while working at Horizon Labs. The lawsuit was explicitly built to fight the Sinister Six, containing various ways to bring each member of the villain squad down, from being “Electro-Proof” to possessing a hearing device able to pick up the Chameleon’s distinct heartbeat.

Spider-Man PS4 - Spider Armour MK III Suit Free Roam Gameplay - YouTube

Mk 2- doesn’t make sense.

After a period where Peter lost his Spider-Sense, he made a new Spider Armor compensate. Along with its bulletproof armor and magnetic webbing, the suit served him well in the fight against the Massacre. It retired after Peter’s Spider-Sense returned.

Bullet Proof Spider-Armour Mk2 | Amazing spiderman, Spider, Marvel spiderman

Anti ock – best

This one doesn’t have a comic book equivalent. A lot of people may get it confused with either the Big Time Stealth suit or the MK. II armor, but it’s another wholly original creation from Insomniac’s artists, revealed towards the very end of the game when Spidey combats one of his greatest foes.

ArtStation - Anti-Ock Suit, Dustin Brown | Spiderman art, Iron man art, Superhero

Fear itself- doesn’t make sense.

The 2010 comic event Fear Itself saw several Marvel heroes get new costumes courtesy of Tony Stark and the dwarves of Nidavellir. Like Thor’s old hammer, Mjolnir, the suit was made of Uru metal and had gauntlets that shot blades out of both arms. But before Peter could enjoy it, Odin ordered it destroyed. Whack.

FEAR ITSELF Spider-Man Overview | MARVEL: Spider-Man Unlimited - YouTube

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