Spider-Man & Doctor Strange Co-Creator, Steve Ditko Passed Away, Body Found In His Apartment.

Comic Book Legend Who Helped Bring Iconic Pop Culture Characters Like Spider-Man, Dr. Strange and even some great DC characters like Captain Atom & The Question was found dead in his apartment according to the Hollywood Reporter, he was found dead in his apartment on 29th June, but is believed to have passed away two days prior. He was 90 years old.

Although best known for creating Spider-Man and Dr. Strange alongside Stan Lee Ditko also created some of the now famous characters from these Superheroes rouge gallery like the villain Sandman, The Lizard and Dormammu. His run of the his most famous co-creation Spider-Man ended in 1966 with the last issue being The Amazing Spider-Man #38, almost six years after the wall crawler’s introduction in Amazing fantasy #15.

He unfortunately left Marvel Comics due to his frustration of Stan Lee’s oversight on all his projects and went on to write and create for DC comics & Charlton where he came up with Blue Beetle, The Atom, The Creeper, The Changing Man, Shade, Hawk & Dove( The ones we’re going to see in the upcoming Titans show). Making his return to Marvel in 1990 he went on to create other characters like Speedball and Squirrel Girl.

Even after retiring from mainstream comics publishing business he continued publishing his own comics, independently until his death.


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