Spider-Man: Fans Are Losing It Over Electro Using Stark Tech!

Spider-Man: No Way Home has successfully hyped the fans to a next level and fans are leaving not one scene alone from the trailer in order to notice the smallest things and deduce the smallest details in the trailer.

The latest trailer did make it look as if some sort of nano-tech enhanced Doc Ock’s suit arms and that left all of thinking where did these villains get their upgrades from. A recent closer look at Electro’s new costume seems something to do with Tony Stark.

And the new images and videos (got from the trailer) do confirm that Electro is set to use Stark technology to power his suit.

Electro aka Jamie Foxx is getting a huge upgrade in Spider-Man: No Way Home and looks like he has finally gotten rid of his ice blue look which he had in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and  is now donning his classic comic costume.

It wasn’t easy to spot the costume in the trailer but a close up in the TV spot showed where exactly Electros’s power came from and it looks exactly like that Arc Reactor which Tony Stark made and it kept him alive for years.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

We have no idea how did he even get the Arc Reactor but there are many theories. Maybe Tony Stark was killed by Electro in that reality or maybe Tony went ahead and helped him after listening to his tale.

But then even Doc Ock’s tentacles seem to be similar to Stark’s technology.

Here’s what few fans have to say:





The announcement had taken everyone a back when it was said in October 2020 that Foxx would be returning for the upcoming Spider-Man which was titled as Spider-Man 3 back them.

He was quite excited about it and had cheekily said that he is extremely excited to be the part of the Marvel’s new Spider-man film and he can’t wait for the fans to check it out. Foxx also had shortly confirmed that his Electro won’t be blue. But then his comment was deleted hurriedly (no surprises there) and after that Marvel, Jamie Foxx and Sony all stayed quite hush about it.

We have so many questions which will be hopefully answered on 17th December 2021 when Spider-Man: No Way Home hits the theatres!

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