Spider-Man Fans Are Not Happy With the Split From Marvel

Sony-controlled social media accounts, including Spider-Man’s official Twitter page: Far From Home, are experiencing heat from Spider-Man fans campaigning to maintain Tom Holland’s Marvel Cinematic Universe wallcrawler after a commonly criticized break with Marvel’s parent Disney.

Sony and Disney reportedly met

Sony and Disney reportedly met
Rumours about protesting against split

According to a recent report, Sony and Disney met to renegotiate a new deal as long as six months ago, before the expiration of the original five-movie deal that ended with Far From Home. Claims from insiders have been contradicting: one source said it was Sony who no longer wanted a pact with Disney, and another said it was Disney that was “no longer interested” in sharing a busy Feige to work on an IP controlled by Sony.

Tweets of fans expressing their views






Holland is still committed to the role and, when teasing Spider-Man 3 over the weekend, said the franchise is “only going to get bigger and better from here.”

















Twitter reacts to the split

Twitter reacts to the split
A still from the film



“You put back Spider-Man in the MCU then we will come watch,” writes one Twitter user. “Otherwise #boycottsonypictures.”

The oft-tweeted hashtag and its variants — including “Boycott Sony Spider-Man” and “Boycott Sony” — have been a constant presence on the social media site since August 20, when the public first learned months-long talks between Sony and Disney broke down.

“I’m not seeing any @SonyPictures movie until Spider-Man is back in the MCU and Marvel Studios is overseeing him,” wrote another Twitter user. The sentiment is widespread: the hashtags are posted in response to tweets published by other Sony handles, including @SonyPictures, @Sony and @SonyElectronics.

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Source: Comicbook, Reddit

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