Spider-Man: No Way Home Run Time Might Be Longer Than Expected

The runtime for Spider-Man: No Way Home is now going to be longer than one had expected. In the latest reports, the movie was meant to be around 150 minutes long, and the film has now become 159 minutes, as per the reports by Ingress. While this might not sound like much, but right now, we are looking at more than two hours of the movie here. It isn’t a secret that Spider-Man: No Way Home is packed with a multiversal setup.

Spider-Man: No Way Home can be around 150 minutes long

A still from No Way Home
A still from No Way Home

As things happened in Spider-Man: Far From Home, the world is now aware of Peter Parker’s secret identity. So, he goes on to seek the help of Doctor Strange to make it right. While fans are speculating that handling the whole situation may require some help from past Spider-Men and multiversal villains. The excitement has just been multiplying into infinity as the movie is inching closer to its release. Fans still don’t know what to think about this as rumors keep swirling about what could be lurking in this lengthy runtime. It seems as though Marvel is swinging for the fences with this entry in Spider-Man’s history. That means they’re going to take all the time they need.

The hype for Spider-Man: No Way Home Is REAL

Spider-Man: No Way Home
Spider-Man: No Way Home

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has been very adamant about keeping these expectations in check. He talked to Empire Magazine about what’s to come. “Rumors are fun, because many of them are true, and many of them are not true,” he began. “The danger is when you get into the expectations game of wanting people to be excited about the movie they get, and not disappointed about a movie they don’t get.”

Spider-Man star Tom Holland has also casting a lot of uncertainty about his future after No Way Home in the same interview.

“One more day’s work on No Way Home, which will be a bittersweet day,” Holland revealed. “I honestly don’t know,” he added when asked to elaborate on “bittersweet.” “It’s the first time since I got cast as Spider-Man that I don’t have a contract. And it’s… it’s just really difficult for me to talk about because there are so many things I’d love to talk about that would help me embellish what I’m trying to explain. But I can’t because it would just ruin the film.”

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