People have different opinions on different things. But there’s a majority of people who really think that Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man. Peter Parker is supposed to be a teenager, and Holland has been able to pull that look. He is a great actor, has a chiseled physique and he can even do his own stunts due to his gymnastics background. So, he really ticked all boxes for being Spider-Man. Marvel scouted the perfect candidate for the Web-Slinger. And yet, Tom Holland thought that his place as Spider-Man wasn’t permanent.


He recently spoke with Black Panther and Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya on Variety’s Actors on Actors, and revealed how he came to know that he got the Spider-Man gig. Apparently, he found out about it through the internet before getting an official call from Sony and/or Marvel. He said:

“Yeah. I got my computer, and my dog was sitting next to me. I type in “Marvel.” I’ve still got the article saved on my computer. It said, “We would like to introduce our new Spider-Man, Tom Holland.” I broke my computer, because I flipped it up in the air. It fell off my bed; my dog went nuts. I ran downstairs. I was telling my family, “I got the part! I got the part!” And obviously, that was right about the time when Sony had got hacked, so my brother, Harry, who’s quite tech savvy, was like, “No. There’s no way that’s real. They would have called you. They’ve been hacked.” And then the studio called me and gave me the news. It was so bizarre how it happened.”

Holland’s short role in Captain America: Civil War was spot on! Everyone loved it, and that led to his big future in the MCU. But before Civil War came out, Marvel was really keeping things quiet about Spider-Man. He didn’t show up in the Civil War trailers for long. A lot of secrecy was being maintained around Spider-Man, and there wasn’t a lot of to and fro happening between Holland and Marvel/Sony. So, that led Holland to believe he was going to be fired from the role. He continued:

“I shot “Civil War,” which was a week’s work, and from the moment of shooting “Civil War” to “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” I was convinced they were going to fire me. I don’t know why. “Civil War” hadn’t come out yet, and I just didn’t hear anything from anyone. I can’t really explain it. It was awful, but they didn’t — obviously. It’s been crazy, mate. I’ve loved every minute of it.”

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Well, now he set to appear in his sixth MCU outing and we all want more from him. Despite being exposed by Mysterio, Spider-Man has a very bright future. He is supposed to show up in MCU crossovers, possibly lead another trilogy, and even jump over to the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters every now and then. So, Holland’s future as Spider-Man is far from over. Because of Spider-Man, he began to get major recognition at such a young age. And I’m willing to bet that within a few years, he’d become one of the highest-paid actors in the industry.

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