Splice is a drama thriller in which Two scientists continue to carry out a controversial experiment involving hybrids, despite being asked to discontinue it. They eventually splice human DNA and end up creating a dangerous creature.

What did Splice lack

Sci-fi thriller lead to a downfall

Vincenzo Natali’s Splice was ahead of its time in terms of content and pushed boundaries for horror audiences – for all its technical merits and achievements, the film continued to be underrated and overlooked by many. Natali, an American-Canadian filmmaker with his directorial debut, Cube, brought the downfalls of technology and scientific discovery to screens again with Splice

Reviews by critics

Splice negatively reviewed by critics

Though Spice didn’t get panned by critics and holds a 76% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it is generally overlooked when discussing sci-fi/horror crossover films, body horror, and films related to scientific discovery gone horribly wrong. Some criticized that Natali failed to project anything unique, but there are elements of the best of both genres embedded in Splice.

Thoughts of Natalie

 vincenzo natali
Natali’s take on Splice

According to Natali, Splice was meant to capitalize on the notion that technology is starting to catch up to what creators are creating in fictional worlds – what comes next? The answer, in his mind, is to look inward at the next step of human evolution and evolutionary biology. And, if Splice is any indication, the results could be truly disastrous.

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