Spoiler Alert:Next Secret Invasion of the Marvel Begun!
The Skrulls are accountable for a number of the most insidious infiltration plots within the Marvel Universe. They’ve almost conquered the world Earth during the events of the Secret Invasion crossover. Road to Empyre: The Skull War #1 reveals the shapeshifting race has been fixing another attempt, planting groups of Skrulls across the world.

Meet The Warners…or Skrulls!

Meet The Warners...or Skrulls!
The Warner family, could be the seeds of a new Secret Invasion.

The Warners initially appears to be nothing more than your average all-American family living in Stanford, Connecticut. However, Meet the Skrulls reveals they’re Skrulls positioned on Earth as sleeper agents, willing and ready to help any future invasions. They operate as a unit and target human resources. Ivy had been captured to assist in developing Project Blossom, an invention that will help search out hidden Skrulls across the Earth. During the process of trying to do their duty and protect their children, Klrr is betrayed by their handler Moloth and killed. The Warners have since been on the run, targeting the people behind Project Blossom.

Will the Message unite Skrulls and Kree?

Will the Message unite Skrulls and Kree?
If united, they would make a Great team to fight their Common Enemy!

While investigating a lab, the Warners find evidence that it belonged to Kree agents on Earth. Inside, they even find samples from the Cotati; the traditional plantlife race nearly pushed into extinction by the Kree. While Gloria tries to own Madison hunt down the Kree, an exhausted Ivy confides in her sister Alice that she wishes for peace to return to the galaxy. When Kree agents attack the three, however, they are going on the offensive and catch the Kree base of operations. Ivy continues to press her mother about the chance of peace and then tearfully forgives the Kree, who helped cause the loss of their father. This stops her sisters from attacking the Kree. Gloria lands up, finding him along with his entire family, who are living secretly on Earth just like the Warners. A message reaches both families — Hulkling has taken the throne and declared the Skrull and Kree one unified empire.

What would be After-effects on the Families?

What would be After-effects on the Families?
The seeds of a new Secret Invasion could be very dangerous for Earth, or the denial of such an act could tear the Warners apart.

The group has long planned to play their part within the subjugation of Earth. If Hulkling is leading his newly unified empire into battle against the world, then the Warners might be crucial in stealthily attacking specific targets. They have been on Earth for an extended time and have proven to be very active saboteurs. Their established roles and experience being around humans could make them a useful source of data and tactics. With a brand new network of spies working alongside them, the Warners could easily lead a concentrated and effective attack on humanity. It’s going to come right down to whatever cause Hulkling has in bringing his new unified army to Earth.

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