Spoiler alerts of Danny: Who dies in Doctor Sleep..!

Warner Brothers’ sequel for the classic movie of Stanley Kubrick’s is the upcoming movie Doctor Sleep. It proves to be the most terrifying movie in the horror genre. This movie goes beyond the scale of all the horror movies. It consists of all the dark material as King and Kubrick replicate their own versions of The Shining. The theme ranges from addiction, madness to more deep and darker stuff. moreover also includes some frightful deaths which will cause astonishment for a really long period of time to all the Stephen King and Shining fans.

Doctor Sleep is a sequel to the novel The Shining but that isn't true for the movies.

All the fans of the original Doctor Sleep novel are also going to be surprised by some of the gruesome deaths. Present in the latest version of the movie. Let’s go through them once again below.

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Gruesome deaths in Doctor Sleep:

At first it might seem like Doctor Sleep and The Shining have a lot in common but that isn't so. Pic courtesy: screencrush.com
Doctor Sleep
  • A young girl named violet is shown on the screen. she gets killed the True Knot because of her Shining abilities.
  • Deenie was the woman who once has one stand with Danny, had a toddler.  Danny received a vision that they died after he left.
  • After Danny receiving his alter name Doctor Sleep, he used his power in a nursing home. Using his powers he led an elderly person to collapse out in peace.
  • Danny got a vision that black flies were moving all over his mother’s name named Wendy Torrance. Resembling his mom to die of cancer.
  • True Knot kidnapped and killed Jacob Tremblay.
  • Carel Sturycken’s Grampa Flick pass out due to starvation. Other vampires were killed by gunfire by Danny and his friend Billy.
  • Snakebite Andy died from Danny’s shot.
  • Snakebite killed Billy Freeman using Shining powers.
  • Crow Daddy stabs and kills David Stone.
  • Danny kills Crow Daddy by crashing his car into the tree using powers.
  • Rose The Hat attacks Danny in Colorado Lounge of Overlook Hotel. He then releases Roses ghosts. One of them comes and kills ROSE.


Danny’s Death:

Stephen King's Doctor Sleep Trailer Released
Shining sequel

The ghost that killed Rose possess Danny’s body and kills him by burning down the hotel. Abra takes forward the shining legacy.

Source: Comic Book.


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