The Transformers franchise has moved new era this weekend, as Bumblebee makes its way to the theatres. While the prequel has five other films and heaps of other canons to build off of, it wraps things up in a very particular way.

The film follows Bumblebee as he escapes the War on Cybertron, crash-landing onto Earth in the 1980s, hiding in the garage of a young mechanic named Charlie Watson in San Francisco. As the film goes on, Bumblebee and Charlie share an unlikely bond, which is complicated by the arrival of Shatter and Dropkick, two Decepticons who have managed to the U.S. government’s Sector 7.

Sector 7 kidnaps Bumblebee, allowing Shatter and Dropkick to torture him for answers until they discover Optimus Prime’s holographic message. The two then head to a cell tower, where they plan to transmit the data to their team.

Charlie and Memo find Bumblebee, using stun guns to revive him. This is quickly interrupted by Agent Burns and the rest of Sector 7, whose actions almost send Bumblebee into a violent state. Charlie finds a way to calm Bumble down, and they speed off to find Dropkick and Shatter.

At the tower, Bumblebee fights off Dropkick, as Shatter uploads the transmission to the other Decepticons. Bumblebee kills Dropkick, pulling him apart with chains while he’s trying to transform into a helicopter.

Agent Burns is then saved by Bumblebee from his falling helicopter, only to soon be attacked by Shatter. As the two fight, Charlie finds her way up to the tower, stopping the transmission. Bumblebee ultimately kills Shatter as well, by drowning her in water from the nearby port.

Bumblebee gets swept under the water as well, which leads to Charlie having to save the day. In an emotional moment, Charlie gets over her anxieties towards diving, which she’s had since her father passed away soon after one of her diving tournaments. She jumps into the water, saving Bumblebee.

Burns crosses his paths with Charlie and Bumble, revealing that he’s had a change of heart and acknowledging their bravery. He lets the pair get away, but not before Bumblebee offers a triumphant salute.

A few minutes later, Bumblebee drives Charlie to a hill near the Golden Gate Bridge, something that he needs to leave San Francisco. Using his radio-speak, Bumblebee asks Charlie to tag along with him on his adventures, but she says no. She reveals that she’s learned just how much her family needs her, the same way that Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots need Bumblebee.

The pair has an emotional goodbye, just before Bumblebee transforms into a yellow Camaro, to the surprise of Charlie. He then drives away and joins a red-and-white trailer on the highway, who is the Gen One version of Optimus Prime.

Charlie then returned home, having a new lease on life after everything that’s happened. She reunited with her family and Memo, as the latter asked if they can kiss each other, only for Charlie to argue that they aren’t quite there in their relationship yet.

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