Squid Game Season 2: What Does The Front Man’s Identity Twist Mean?

The identity of the mysterious Front Man is one of Squid Game’s many twists, and here’s what it means for a possible season 2. Soon after the Korean series premiered in September 2021, Netflix’s massive user base rushed to it. As people across the world check out Squid Game’s lethal spins on familiar children’s games, the programme is on its way to becoming one of the streaming service’s biggest hits.

Squid Game gently reveals and unravels the secrets surrounding The Front Man as both of these various stories are examined. The series’ black mask-wearing boss is a prominent enemy, but there’s more to him than Squid Game originally reveals. The audience does not have a comprehensive idea of who The Front Man is until towards the end of Season 1. However, it begs the issue of what his identity reveal and the season 1 finale of Squid Game will signify for a season 2.


Who Is The Front Man In Squid Game? 

Front Man / In-Ho
Front Man / Squid game

It isn’t until episode 8 of Squid Game that the show reveals who is underneath the scary mask. Squid Game eventually reveals that The Front Man is In-ho, police officer Hwang Jun-ho’s lost older brother. it is Jun-ho’s probe into his disappearance that reveals the most. Jun-ho discovers a file at the Squid Game headquarters that proves In-ho was a prior tournament winner.

Why and How In-Ho became the Front Man after the Squid Game?

Front Man / In-Ho
Front Man in Netflix’s Squid Game

The fact that In-ho was a former Squid Game champion before becoming The Front Man raises a few suspicions. Unfortunately, Squid Game doesn’t go into detail on how In-ho went from winning games to being a major player in the competition. There are various probable arguments for why In-ho would become The Front Man after winning Squid Game. One theory is that In-ho is compelled to perform this role in the games. It’s probable that his victory was tainted by controversy, forcing In-ho to stay involved in order to collect his prize and stay alive. It’s possible that In-ho is just The Front Man in order to receive more money from the gang or to gain a sense of authority.

How In-Ho’s death (seemingly) affects Squid Game Season 2?

Jun-Ho/ Squid Game
Jun-Ho / Squid Game

The Front Man identity twist in Squid Game occurs just before In-ho seems to kill his brother, Jun-ho. Depending on what Squid Game discloses about how In-ho became The Front Man, it may be Jun-ho’s apparent death that causes In-ho to abandon the games. However, if Squid Game verifies that Jun-ho did not die as believed, the consequences of In-ho’s action could be drastically altered. It’s possible that Jun-ho’s survival and return will persuade In-ho to abandon this position. However, that may be easier said than done, especially if In-ho’s involvement in Squid Game season 2 becomes even more prominent.

In Season 2 will The Front Man Take over Squid Game?

Il-Nam/ Old Man/ Squid Game
Old Man / Il-Nam / Squid Game

It was revealed that old man Oh Il-nam was in charge of the competition in the Squid Game finale – one of the show’s biggest twists. It would make sense for In-ho to take over the Squid Game in the absence of Il-nam. He could do that while maintaining his identity as The Front Man, but he no longer has to answer to anyone. Because the other VIPs were unaware that Il-nam was competing in the games, it’s probable that they are unaware that he died. As a result, after Il-nam’s death, In-ho could continue to play the role of The Front Man while simultaneously seizing command of the game as a whole. This would elevate The Front Man to even greater prominence.

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