Stan Lee Might Be Holding The Most Powerful Weapon in Marvel Cinematic Universe?

We all know Stan Lee as the man who plays hilarious cameos in the ‘Marvel’ movie world that make a powerful impact in every movie he’s been a part of. Some reports claim that the 95-year-old legend possesses a secret weapon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). All these are loosely based on fan theories and let’s take a peek into it.

A Reddit Marvel Studio Sub had a user ‘akfromia’ sending a screenshot in the thread and that could expand a theory. The screenshot was of Stan playing a cameo from Thor: Ragnarok and has an interesting twist to it. This mentions Thor’s hair remaining absolutely the same even after taking the power of a star to heat the forge on Nidavellir. Extra brownie points for the fan who also came up with this too as the object used by Lee’s character was able to give the Asgardian a clean haircut. This means the device in possession with Lee is a lot powerful than the actual force of a star.

Thor’s hair was untouched after taking the full force of the star that was used to heat the metal that forged Mjolnir and Storm Breaker. Does this mean that the “buzzer” in Thor: Ragnarok is one of the strongest weapons in the MCU? from r/marvelstudios

This was welcomed with a rousing debate and of course, opinions differed with further justifications. All these include as to how Asgardians are more seen fighting with swords than mightier weapons and Lee’s device could not possibly be mightier. Some also opined the difference between heat and blades too.

Some of having pinned their hopes down on Thor defeating Thanos in Avengers: 4. Stormbreaker, Thor’s weapon that took the full force of a star to forge could be the one to make sure it puts an end to the mad capper villain, Thanos. None of us can forget the fatal blow that Thor could hit on Thanos and how it was a near miss and things could have been picture perfect.

“I think he’s been on a very complicated journey where he struggles with his ability to feel worthy and be worthy,” co-director Joe Russo told Wired. “I think he’s looking for a moral compass in his life. What we love about him in Infinity War is that he has been torn down to his essential parts and he goes on a hero’s journey which a very underdog journey for someone of his stature because he has lost everything in his life.”

“In a lot of ways, he is the driving hero’s arc of the movie which stands in direct opposition to Thanos’ argument. I would argue that head for chopped his head off at the end of the movie that the movie will belong to Thor but because he didn’t it belongs to Thanos,” Russo added.

What do you think about this theory? Does it seem legit to you? Let us know in the comment below!

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