Stan Lee Will Not Be Appearing For Public Autograph Signings Anymore

Stan “The Man” Lee is seen as an ubiquitous figure at comic book events around the globe, often seen on various comic panels, signing comic books for fans. However, in the past few years, Lee has begun to lighten up his otherwise hectic schedule, cutting down on the number of convention appearances in the US, Canada and Europe. The latest news reveal that he’ll also be cutting back on his autograph sessions.

Lee is now aged 95 and is unable to sustain the same level of work that he once did. His health has been a concern for many in the past one year after the death of his wife, Joan. Reports even state that there has been a mismanagement of his finances. All these reasons appear as factors for his signing out of public events. He is not scheduled for any public autograph signings this year.

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However, a list of his signatures have been advertised by Desert Wind comics that will only be provided through the company’s Independent Signature Services. We don’t know the exact dates and locations of these events yet due to security reasons.

Even his manager, Jonathan Bolerjack revealed that Stan will be not doing any public signings as his well-being has been compromised by many people for monetary gain.

Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma

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