“He wouldn’t do that. HE HAS A BUGATTI. HE’S A TOP G”: ‘Black-ish’ Star King Bach Trolls Andrew Tate With Godlike Sarcasm after Human Trafficking Allegations Surface

In the most karmic turn of events, that Andrew Tate kickstarted himself, he has now been arrested by Romanian authorities on human trafficking charges. It all started when absolutely unprovoked, he decided to troll Swedish climate change activist, Greta Thunberg by bragging about his cars and their “enormous emissions”. Thunberg gave an unbelievably savage response directly wounding the so-called Top-G’s pride in his masculinity – by mocking his phallic size.

And to get back at a girl almost half his age, the 36-year-old posted a 2-minute rant with hoards of pizza boxes in the frame. And the Romanian authorities figured out his location and arrested him. Quite amusing indeed, not to his fans and followers of course. But to the rest of us, rather comic. And several people are going above and beyond to mock Tate, King Bach being one of the most significant.

Andrew Tate gets himself arrested in one of the most scandalous plot twists

Andrew Tate got arrested on human trafficking charges
Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate’s arrest has bemused the entire internet. Every social media feed has got several updates popping up about his rather sudden detainment in prison. Greta Thunberg clapped back yet again with another savage response. She tweeted,

This is what happens when you don’t recycle your pizza boxes”.

Who knew that inside a teen environmental activist was someone with this sharp sense of humor? And who knew that the misogynist in Tate would get metaphorically gut-slammed by just a 19-year-old girl? But we live in a world… and we ain’t complaining either.

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King Bach mocks Andrew Tate fans using his acting chops

King Bach mocked Andrew Tate's arrest
King Bach

King Bach is one man who clearly took special pleasure in, not only mocking the ‘Masculine Frame’ propagator but also his “masculine” fans. In a video shared by the 34-year-old on his Twitter and Instagram account, he is seen standing all dumb before his TV screen as the news of Tate’s arrest is blasting on the screen. The parody video was captioned, “Finding out Andrew Tate got arrested”.

The headline blared on the system how the former kickboxer had been arrested by Romanian authorities for charges of abduction of two girls. In one frame, there is also a screenshot of Tate’s 2-minute rant with the pizza boxes that started the whole thing with a red arrow pointing to the pizza company logo – Jerry’s Pizza.

King Bach trolled Andrew Tate
King Bach trolled Andrew Tate

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Listening to the news, a shocked Bach mumbled a faint, “He wouldn’t do that”, in disbelief. He then outright yelled, “He wouldn’t do that, he owned a Bugatti.” But it got intense after that, as he got visibly emotional whilst also pretty livid, as he emphatically implored,

“He wouldn’t do that. He has a Bugatti. He’s a top G, he’s a top G, has a Bugatti.”

Quite some acting chops right there Bach. And no wonder the b*tt-hurt Tate fans were not pleased at all with this rather practical commentary on them. Not that it matters though, Tate remains in jail still.

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Source: Twitter

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