Ten Actions of Star-Lord That Made Things Worse For Everyone

Star-Lord has been a big part of MCU in Guardians of galaxies and a lot of other movies. Throughout the two Guardians of the Galaxy films and the Avengers movies, Star-Lord progresses through the universe, making mistake after mistake. However, because of his good intentions that came out when he stopped Ronan, messed up Ego’s plan, and fought against Thanos, he is considered a hero. But let’s look at some of his actions that made things worse for others.

1) Stole the Orb

Avengers: Infinity War - Official Infinity Stone Powers Revealed (And What They Mean) – Page 5

The first movie in the Guardians of the Galaxy was the foundation of the franchise. It was majorly about this orb and the Infinity Stone that was kept hidden inside it. Initially, the Ravagers that Peter Quill had spent his childhood around were going to get the orb. However, Star-Lord managed to steal the orb.

This was the incident that set the events into play. However, the orb would have been much safer in the hands of the Ravagers. Star-Lord, in the end, gets away from Ronan. However, by stealing the orb, he only propels the impending destruction of the Nova Corp.

2) Delayed for the Walkman


The jailbreak surprisingly became a success and all of the crucial characters had entered the Milano. They were ready to escape the prison before any reinforcements could be dispatched. Sadly, Peter was firm on going back to the prison to find his missing walkman.

Peter’s walkman was valuable to him because it was one of the few gifts which were left behind by his mother who had passed away. Because of his hasty decision, he risked others on the ship.

3) Tried to sell the infinity stone

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Star-Lord and the rest of the Guardians decided that they would sell the orb to the Collector. They would have received so much money that they could part ways with it. The sale progressed smoothly. But when the orb was opened, we found that the Power Stone was inside it the whole time.

The Collector’s assistant created an explosion with the stone. The Guardians escaped the scene with the stone, which was again kept inside the orb. When they should have taken this important artifact to the Nova Corp, Star-Lord insists on selling the stone anyway to gain money. This eventually leads to Nebula and Ronan taking the stone whereas it could have been protected by military.

4)Flirted with Ayesha

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In the second installation of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, the Guardians were fighting a space beast for the Sovereign. After they were done with the job and they returned to collect their rewards. Peter started flirting with their leader, Ayesha, in front of the others.

Even though it wasn’t the worst thing he could have done in that scenario and it kind of does suit his character; he had feelings for Gamora. She had been standing not even a foot away from him while he was shamelessly flirting with Ayesha. His wayward flirting also gave enough time to Rocket to steal the batteries from the Sovereign. It got Ayesha personally invested in bringing them back for Rocket’s theft. Had Peter not flirted, they would’ve left without giving Rocket the time he needed to steal the batteries.

5) Argued with rocket

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It was expected that the atmosphere in the Milano would be palpable when the Guardians fled in the Milano with the Sovereign fleet hot on their tails. However, Rocket didn’t even seem slightly remorseful for stealing the batteries. Even Star-Lord was worried about his ship which was getting attacked by the Sovereign fleet.

It led to a huge argument between Peter and Rocket on who was a better pilot. The fight involved the fleet that had been chasing them and a bunch of asteroids that led to the Milano getting damaged. It eventually crashed. We can say that Rocket was partly responsible for this. However, Peter could have left his ego aside and could have got them out of danger.

6) Ignored Gamora’s warning

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When Peter’s father showed up, Peter starts exploring another side of him that he hadn’t known. However, Gamora was unsure about his father. She didn’t receive good vibes from him. She hadn’t liked how easily Peter was getting influenced and replacing his new family for a man he had just met.

Peter obviously does not pay heed to Gamora’s warnings and favors his dad more than Gamora. However, it turns out that his dad was only using him to gain more influence in the universe. If Peter had listened to Gamora, the girl he liked, none of the bad events that followed this incident would have happened.

7) Fought over the plan with an iron man

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Star-Lord definitely inherited his ego from his father. It was clear when he met Thor, but we saw its full effect when the Guardians teamed up with Iron Man, Spider-man, and Dr. Strange. As they tried to come up with a strategy to face Thanos, Star-Lord fought against Iron Man for using his plan.

We agree that his plan wasn’t bad, but working it out with others could have improved it further. Tony and Strange could have added their own two cents and they could have probably stopped Thanos if it weren’t for Star-Lord insisting on implementing his plan.

8) Punched Thanos

Star Lord Hits Thanos Scene - Avengers Infinity War (2018) Movie Clip HD - YouTube

Even after all the odds, the plan was going well. Thanos was kind of taken down and was ready to take off the gauntlet. However, before they could proceed, Peter asked Thanos about Gamora’s whereabouts so that he could go find her.

Gamora had died as a sacrifice so that Thanos could gain the soul stone. Mantis was able to convey this to Peter using Thanos’ emotions. Peter got emotional and attacked Thanos. This only led to Thanos escaping and defeating them later. Star-Lord kind of gave Thanos an upper hand in winning his first fight against the Avengers and successfully wiping out half the universe.

9) Came on too strong to Gamora

Why did Gamora kick Quill in his “nether region” in Avengers: Endgame in the final fight scene between Thanos and his army and all the Avengers? - Quora

At the final battle of Avengers’ endgame, Gamora from an alternate timeline rescues Quill. He was shocked because she was supposedly dead. Although we can say that he didn’t know about the different timelines. But we can argue that he could have understood from her behavior that she was acting distant. However, he didn’t think much and went to kiss her. Gamora reacted by kicking him in his crotch.

10) Creating tension with Thor

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Peter and Thor had palpable tension between them. The reason is obvious since Peter was intimidated by Thor and felt threatened. Even when Thor travels with the Guardians, Quill still felt inferior to Thor.

This tension was somewhat resolved when Thor agreed for Quill to be the leader. Of course, that won’t last for long. We are sure that in the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie we will see Quill’s inferiority complex causing yet another trouble for the group.



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