Star Trek: Soji and The Rainbow of Personalities

Something different in Et in Arcadia Ego

In Star Trek: Picard episode 9, Soji sided with the synthetics.

In Star Trek: The Next Generation, the character Data(Brent Spiner) is a fish out of water. He is the alone android in a bunch of humanoids in almost all the places he is in. Soji (Isa Briones) created a decision to stand by her sister Sutra and her fellow synthetics; on the exterior, it appears that she intended to be the show’s knave, but this could more to be her last appeal before her ultimate redemption. Soji was also the daughter of Data as she was created from the positronic neuron of Data. Soji and Dahj are the twin androids extinction of the similar-looking ones on their home planet, Sutra. 

Soji, a Destroyer?

Soji’s life cycle has, ironically, been the opposite of Data.

Soji never knew her creator, who died almost 20 years before she met Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart). Soji returns on Picard, supporting him to be temporarily fixed as under house arrest not the first time an android had less charitable purposes in Trek. The Romulan anti-synthetic religion, the Zhat Vash, predicted that Soji is the Destroyer who will direct the androids into destroying the natural organic life, which was a fate accepted by Soji.

The Calculus of life and death

Soji was tempted to be the series ultimate killer machine but she also has a spark that keeps her on the side of light.

Soji’s discussion with Picard solved what could be her last progression into her most salutary. She was already an off-load android without morals or common values. Soji also would not have imagined twice about destroying Narek instead of wailing that she forgives him. These are signs that Soji could be the spark that keeps her on the side of light. Soji is still rolling from various shocks applied to her by Narek, her assurance problems with humans (including Picard), and the dominant question of who she genuinely is. Star Trek: Picard dropped all the pieces in position for Soji to be influenced to be the series killer machine, only to choose a higher route instead of defending all life as organic.

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