Star Wars : 10 Potential Cancelled Plots From Sequel Trilogy !

Star Wars is not just a story or series, it is actually a cult. Old movies are precious. And like every other movie or series, they decided to continue the story for the current generation.
The Star Wars sequel trilogy had lot of things going on at once and they even dropped so many story lines in between which upset the fans a lot.

J.J. Abrams himself admitted that even the Star Wars fan knew that the sequel trilogy would have been better if they had planned the storylines, characters and arcs from the beginning instead of just going with the flow.

Here are 10 such plots which could have been used in a better way!

10.  Supreme Leader Snoke

Supreme Leader Snoke was created by J.J. Abrams as an imitation of Emperor Palpatone. But the character was killed off by Rian Johnson because he didn’t find it interesting. In the scene of The Rise of Skywalker we see many Snokes floating in vats of goo which created many plot holes.

9. Maz and Luke’s Lightsaber

In the Empire Strikes Back, Luke’s lightsaber ended up falling in  a bottomless gas mine.
But still in the Force Awakens, Maz Kanata somehow has the old blue one. Han Solo even asked her where she got it but she diverted the same. Three movies, and still we never came to know.

8. Rey’s Parents

It was revealed that Rey’s parents were “nobodies” and buried in pauper’s graves on Jakku. But there was not much story about her parentage.
In The Rise of Skywalker it was revealed that she is a Palpatine which didn’t make sense considering the message of the movie was “Anybody can be a hero”.

7. Knights of Ren

The Knights of Ren were shown as Kylo Ren’s band of ruthless enforcers. Hilariously they randomly showed up in Rise of Skywalker and they just stood there posing. They could have used them better; like sending them after Finn and Rose.

6. Stromtroopers

Finn’s plot line suggests that the First Order’s Stormtroopers are just brainwashed orphans who don’t really believe in fascism and are just used by the Resistance. The movies did explore Finn’s backstory but they dropped Stromtroopers story.

5. Finn and Rose

Finn literally got a new love interest in every sequel movie. But Rose was different and she taught him many things but she didn’t have anything apart from that. And after that, Finn got another love interest…once again.

4. Captain Phasma

Captain Phasma , when she was first unveiled, she was a promising character but she was massively under utilized .

3. Broom Boy

At the end of Last Jedi, we see a slave kid picking up broom using the Force. He could have become one of the first Jedi students in academy led by Rey. But they ignored it.

2. Finn’s Force

The Force Awakens hinted that Finn was Force sensitive and could be a potential Jedi. But in the end only Rey becomes the Jedi. He could have a potential arc ; from being a Stromtrooper to a Jedi warrior but looks like they wanted to give a “feminist” pleasing story and just centralizing the female every where possible.

1. Return of Palpatine

The Rise of Skywalker revolved around getting the Emperor back but they never explained how did he even comeback? They could have put a story line for the same. But nope.

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