Star Wars Skywalker Saga Story was forever changed in the way George Lucas chose to tell the story by his film franchise (and the storytelling by general). At the start of the series with A New, Hope Lucas had the opportunity to offer the audience an exciting experience with the Original Trilogy. However, he also created major problems with the continuity of the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy. Lucas’s decision to incorporate the key Original Trilogy characters in the prequel trilogy story was one of the greatest continuity snacks, with C-3PO’s story at the prequels one of the greatest plotholes in the whole saga.

The Interview:

In a recent interview with Star Wars, the series legend Anthony Daniels addressed the problem of the appearance of C-3PO throughout Prequels and the first trilogy; however, even though Obi-Wan Kenobi was all friends with him throughout the Galactic and Clone War days, he does not seem to remember the golden droids of A New Hope. As Daniels told HuffPo it is not something about which he thought so much about C-3PO‘s memorable presence:

“One robot looks like another, I believe… I don’t know,” Daniels stated. “It’s going to be an important fan that you have to ask that question.” 

The Characters:

It’s really not a plothole at this stage, pure and simple. The OT characters and products George Lucas and Lucasfilm wanted to maintain some consistency as PT time came and struggled to cross certain “Ts” by pointing out all “Is” while maintaining proper continuity. No way back and explain this later. No way back.

But what’s significant about the new Star Wars and the wider range of content available to viewers is that such errors can now be restored infeasible and enriching ways. For example, the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi show that will arrive at Disney+ might address more than some of the holes in the tale of Obi-Wan-including a story arc which could re-tone Kenobi’s plothole by completing a task that he would have to erase from the mind-specifically the C-3PO’s memory.

The Tale:

The tale of Darth Maul, who many people had not hoped to see dead too soon after the Phantom Menace, has already been close in Star Wars. The animated series of Clone Wars (and plays later on) brought Maul a far wider empire–ending with Obi-Wan’s Duel-to – The-Death, years prior to A New Hope. The repair of the tale of C-3PO appears relatively simple to raise.

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