Star Wars Characters That Deserve Their Own Comic

Thanks to Marvel, many Star Wars comics have been enjoyed by fans over these years. These comics have had some amazing stories which have not only expanded the universe but also explored many characters who weren’t a prominent part of the live-action films. They have proved to be a bridge that connects to the Star Wars movies as well.

Even though Marvel has done their best and created so many comics based on many characters. However, there are many stories that they could use to develop in the future. Maybe they could explore the characters that haven’t been explored in Star Wars before or maybe treat fans with backstories of the characters!

1. Yoda

Fans do not know much about Yoda. Yes, he is probably the most powerful Jedi during the time of the Skywalker saga. He can even be the equivalent of Gandalf or Dumbledore of the Star Wars Universe.

But there have been a few issues with the comics in the past that have focused on the character. These comics, however, don’t provide a full story that can be told through his eyes or have details about his past. We all know that he has been around for roughly 900 years. So there is no doubt that there is way too much material for any writer to write on, in case Marvel decides to focus on Yoda in comic series.

2. Chewbacca

Chewbacca has always been a fascinating character but sadly has appeared as more of a sidekick than a strong character. From what we have learned from comics and movies, we know he has an interesting past. He was is a Wookie warrior combating the CIS on Kashyyk. Later he was captured and made a slave by the Empire.

There’s no denying that he has been an amazing companion and friend to Han Solo or even Rey. But a comic could focus on his travels or how he spent time on Kashyyk before the Clone Wars. This could provide to be an interesting read to the fans and they could even explore the Wookiee culture. Maybe we could finally learn more about Wookies!

3. Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka is hands down one of the most interesting characters in the entire Star Wars franchise. She was initially introduced as an impulsive padawan pf Anakin Skywalker. But she has since then emerged as a popular character. Fans even appreciated her inclusion in The Mandalorian and Rebels.

Disney has already announced their plans to have a TV series that would follow Ahsoka. But considering her history in some important events like the Galactic Civil War and Clone Wars, they have a lot of stories to include in the comics series!

4. Palpatine

Fans hardly know about Palpatine. Even though his role in Skywalker was quite clear, there is still so much about the character and maybe a comic series could focus on the same.

A comic book could explore the character’s past in more detail. They could show about his relationship with Darth Plagueis and even about the number of Sith secrets Palpatine learned from his master. The comic book could also focus on his rise to the head of his Empire and how he ran it as well. There is a lot to explore and we have so many questions unanswered.

5. Maz Kanata

Star Wars fans are dying to know more about Maz Kanata. The helpful smuggler and space pirate had assisted the protagonists in The Force Awakens.

We hardly know about her history! Fans are aware of the fact that she is around 1000 years old and that she is Force-sensitive.  A comic could explain these things in a more detailed manner and that could provide the fans with answers they have been wanting to know!

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