Star Wars: Darth Vader Just disclosed His One sole Weakness

Post the events of Darth Vader 2 The Darl Lord  Visited Padmé’s previous apartment on Coruscant and discovered a trail that led him to the world of Vendexa. where many insurgents from the planet Naboo were stationed. As he entered the base, Vader was shocked to find a duplicate of his former wife, Padmé.

Greatest Weakness

Padme Amidala
Vader’s biggest weakness !!











In this meet, it’s crystal clear that Vader’s greatest weakness is still the phantom of his late wife, Padmé. Darth Vader 2 discloses that the Padmé doppelganger is actually Sabé. As a previous handmaiden and decoy target for Padmé Amidala, Sabé is exceptionally devoted to her former queen, senator, and friend. Willing to find those responsible for Padmé’s death, Darth Vader utilizes her lack of knowledge about his relationship with Padmé to manipulate Sabé into joining him on his crusade.

Change in Vader methods

Darth Vadre
Vader is drowned into the memories of his former wife

During the whole issue, Darth Vader is seen to be reeling from the woman’s similarity to the love of his life, as he is overwhelmed with memories of the past. even though he has faced Padmé previously, this comes after his first meeting with Luke, when Vader is already doubting everything that he knows. Unlike his normal methods of threats and demands, Vader’s primary response upon seeing her is a question: “Who are you?”There is quite a desperation that comes from Vader as he promises Sabé that she has nothing to fear from him showing his weakness

Flashbacks of the past

Darth Vadre and Padme
Vader’s only desire to relive his younger years

Also, this confrontation proves Vader’s simultaneous wish to change the past or relieve it. After Sabé directly imitates Padmé and threatens him, Vader takes up his usual trick of the force choke. But Instead of taking her life, his recollection of his force choke of Padmé on Mustafar results in Vader letting Sabé go and moving a step back. This scene relates to a common element of Vader’s character. While he badly wants to avoid the mistakes of his past, these constant flashbacks indicate that Vader also wants to return to his younger years.

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