Star Wars fans confused as “Han is Alive” trending on Twitter

The ninth among The Fast saga and the tenth overall in the Fast & Furious franchise, Fast & Furious 9 released its trailer recently which blew minds all around the world.

F9 trailer out

f9 trailer
Fast & Furious 9 trailer out

Fans got to have a look at John Cena’s Jakob plus a car with actual rockets strapped, a magnet plane that carries another car, a car crossing a suspension bridge as it collapses in the 3+ minute trailer. The return of the fan-favourite Han Lue, who was previously thought dead, was also witnessed.

Star Wars fans confused

#JusticeForHan trending on Twitter

The trailer has leaned heavily into the #JusticeForHan movement that has brewed since it was revealed that the character had died at the hands of Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw. “Han is alive” began to trend on Twitter which has confused a lot of Star Wars fans who do not keep tabs on The Fast Saga.

The Han and Harrison confusion

Han and harrison confusion
Harrison Ford and Han Lue

The confusion certainly makes sense from a specific point of view. The character of Han Lue has an alias in the context of The Fast Saga. “Han Seoul-Oh” is in tribute to Harrison Ford’s role in the Star Wars franchise. The two of them, not only share a name but had a death that spurned a vast fan base and which saw them return for the ninth movie in the franchise.

Watch Official trailer of F9

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