Star Wars Dark Legends, written by George Mann, has portrayed Gollum as cursed Sith Lord.

Gollum is a fictional character and made its first appearance in J. R. R. Tolkien’s book The Hobbit and late on became influential in its sequel.

Gollum gained its popularity from Lord of the Rings book: Smeagol.

On the big screen, Gollum’s character is played by Andy Serkis. Gollum is quite unpredictable who acts both as evil and right according to the situation.
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One of the plots from the book  “A Life Immortal,” takes us back when the galaxy was young.

At that time, the Sith Lord was Darth Noctyss, and she traveled to planet  Exegol to sought immortality.

After encountering Darth Sanguis, who had obtained immortality on Exegol, Sanguis became her servant.

Most of the details about Exegol are correct. After Darth Noctyss arrived at Exegol, she gets to know about a mysterious creature on that planet.

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According to Screenrant

“The wretched thing exposed by the crimson light of her blade presented no threat, for it was a broken, stooped creature – the remnants of what had perhaps once been a man but was now little more than a feral beast. Its spine was twisted at an unusual angle, causing it to hunch forward so that its left shoulder dipped almost to its knees. Its flesh was pale and translucent, shriveled and wrinkled so that its immense age was evident, but unreadable. Its stringy hair fell in strands down the side of its face, limp and thick with grime. It wore only rags that might once have been fashioned as clothes. It staggered toward her, clawed fingers outstretched, and Noctyss raised her lightsaber, ready to strike the thing down, to put it out of its misery.”

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