The Star Wars franchise has a separate fan base completely dedicated to it. The printing of the fan-favorite pop culture trend has successfully restored the Expanded Universe Sith into the canon. With fans going head over heels on the storylines, the writers are giving out surprises on a very regular basis! This makes the Star Wars books sell like hotcakes, and fans await the publishing of every next issue. Moreover, fans also expect that the print form will solve the numerous mysteries and cliffhangers that have been previously mentioned in the movies. A recent example is the Rise of the Skywalker issue that is expected to fill the plot holes that the film with the same name had.

How did Emperor Palpatine return?

Emperor Palpatine in a comic segment

The return of Emperor Palpatine had many ambiguous eyes looking at the scene, and the movie left the sequence completely unexplained. The novel by Rae Carson makes the shocking revelation of Emperor Palpatine being a clone. The story is set in the aftermath of the Emperor’s death in the Return of the Jedi. Carson reveals that the Sith Lord transferred his spirit to a clone body before his death. However, Dark Sidious was unfortunate, and the power of the dark side was too much for the organization. The body started to decay at an exponential rate. The Kaminoan nutrients kept his body alive, and some crane mechanism supported it. This crane is described as the Ommin Harness in the novel, and this is a very accurate detail!

Who was Ommin?

King Ommin, the ancient Sith Lord

Ommin was an ancient Sith Lord, and he was first introduced in the old Expanded Universe. The Star Wars Expanded Universe deals books and comics whose events took place before the Return of the Jedi. This was declared as invalid and non-canon after Disney took over the legal rights of the franchise. Ommin had a pivotal role in the Tales of the Jedi: Knights of the Old Republic comics, which was written by Tom Veitch. The setting was around 4000 years before the first Star Wars film.

Why was Ommin important?

Ommin on his harness

Apart from being the Sith Lord, Ommin was the king of the planet Onderon. He was obsessed with the study of the dark side, and that led to the quick decay of his body. He faded from the sight of the public, and his wife took over his place as the ruler. However, the harness which Ommin wore is very identical to that of Palpatine. So, that means that Ommin is the canon again. Moreover, the Sith Engineers of Exegol produced the harness which Ommin wore a long time back. There are many instances where Veitch’s old canon has been merged with the new one, and this is one of them.

There exists a tinge bit of irony with the modern canon taking up such specific details from Veitch edition, and the spirit possessing the clone body is taken from the Dark Empire comics. Point to be noticed, the Dark Empire Comics has also been written by Veitch! So, that proves that Veitch has always had an influential role behind The Rise of the Skywalker.

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