Star Wars Theory: Baby Yoda Doesn’t Have A Home Planet?!

At the finale of Season 1 of The Mandalorian, Din Djarin was instructed by The Armorer to rejoin Baby Yoda ( “The Child”) with its own kind.” Djarin retained his commitment, and during Season 2, his search for other Mandalorians and Jedi have kept him very busy.

Revelation in “The Jedi”

Revelation in "The Jedi"
In  The Jedi  by Ashoka Tano

In “The Jedi,” Ahsoka Tano unveiled that the child’s name was Grogu. He was raised in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and smuggled during the Great Jedi Purge. It is not only a tremendous revelation about Grogu’s past. But it also raises doubts about the efficacy of the Mandalorians’ ultimate mission, which is finding Grogu’s home planet.

Grogu must have been born about 41 BBY at the age of 50. This means he was 22 years old when the Jedi Order fell. Ahsoka also disclosed that many masters” prepared Grogu during those years at the Temple. Which justifies how he is skilled in harnessing the Force.

As they usually are indoctrinated into the Order when they are very young. Being recruited after a Jedi recognizes their emerging powers.

Therefore whoever smuggled out Grogu( Baby Yoda) and hid him most certainly knew who he was.  And where he was from before he lived in the Temple. But if this is the case, why didn’t Grogu return to his people. And why did the Nikto Mercenaries rescue him on the Arvala-7? So maybe the possible explanation of why Grogu suppressed his powers and memory during this period of exile was because his former protector knew the truth. The truth – that Grogu has no home planet.

Mystery of Baby Yoda(or Grogu) ‘s Species

Mystery of Baby Yoda(or Grogu) 's Species
Din Djarin was given the task of finding Baby Yoda’s species and his home planet.

The mystery of Yoda’s species seems to also stretch in-universe as Djarin is still not able to determine what species Grogu is or where he is from. Since the species and their planet so secretive, the homeworld of Grogu would have been the best place to hide “The Child”.
However, if the protector knew that Grogu didn’t have a home planet, then that would be why the child was still on the move and well concealed from the Empire.

This might not be the scenario if the person who smuggled Grogu away was not a Jedi. Or someone who did not know Grogu’s family’s past. It is quite unlikely, as this protector must undoubtedly have known Grogu well enough, to see the potential of his rapidly growing power.

The non-existence of a Yoda-species home planet also might describe why Yoda did not seek out his people after the Republic’s fall. The Clone Wars clarified that Yoda’s connection with Dagobah was related to his continuing communion with the deceased Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jin, Although maybe Yoda knew the truth about his species’ planet and chose instead to make Dagobah his new home.

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