‘Start chaos, drama, and then promote their s**t’: $42M Worth Cardi B Slams Female Rappers For Fanning Pointless Controversies To Promote Their Music

There has been a lot of animosity between female rappers this week. The drama was centered on Nicki Minaj, who appeared to have used her many platforms to subtly criticize other celebrities such as Megan Thee Stallion, Latto, and Cardi B. However, the rapper seems to be completely exhausted from going through a celebrity cold war.

The WAP rapper recently tweeted out an invitation for anyone who intends to use her name to form some type of fake controversy. As Cardi B would love to be upfront about any drama than passively feed attention to someone who just insinuates the rapper’s presence. The rapper also addresses the unfortunate passing of a recent musician which caused the spark to her tweet.

Cardi B calls out all the fake controversies singers create to promote their music

Cardi B
Cardi B

The music industry is no stranger to scandals. Musicians for years have been under controversies ranging from theft to fraud and even murder. The advent of social places such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook helped everyone keep a track of every misstep.

Cardi B released her new single UP last year. Within hours of its release, two artists accused her of copying the lyrics. Women already face challenges in every industry and false accusations like these make it tougher for them. Accusing women of plagiarism affect women and men differently. But B knows how to not only defend herself but is sure to add her sass to it at the same time. There is more music than ever before and the world is full of attention-seeking celebrities who often take the morally wrong road.

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Cardi B is tired of all the drama

Cardi B
Cardi B

The rapper has set the record straight on how she wants the drama around her to unfold. Instead of creating false and useless drama that adds up to nothing, the rapper has said that we need to reread all that’s preconceived by the brain.

She has once again proved herself as unforgiving, and unapologetic about false accusations. Being in the spotlight opens celebrities up to a ton of praise and at the same time criticism. Negative feedback and false comments are a trend nowadays. Some celebrities have faced harsh criticism or media attention but this for a fact needs to end and Cardi B has made it very clear.

Social media has become an increasingly dramatic environment. Celebrities for better or worse have a huge influence on the same. Social media accounts are being used to either promote truth which itself is subjective in its own way or it’s an easy platform to circulate false ideas.

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The rapper wants people to directly tag her for attacks

Cardi B
Cardi B

Cardi B has done well to avoid the turmoil that has been developing between different ladies in hip-hop up until this point. Rapper fan bases for Nicki Minaj, Megan Thee Stallion, Lil’ Kim, and other musicians have recently taken sides and defended their favorites in the face of countless defamatory rumors.

On Monday, September 12, Cardi B used her Twitter account to discuss a variety of subjects. One of them included PnB Rock’s untimely passing and the recent flurry of contentious beef between various female rappers. No specific person is singled out by the Hot Sh*t rapper. Instead, she issued a warning to anyone who could even consider shooting her with subliminal messages.

“This s**t is tiring, old, and redundant. Same formula, DIFFERENT YEAR = start chaos, drama, and then promote their s**t. I actually have a life outside of my house and Twitter. Until b***hes put a @ on it they talking to their mother. Byeeee.”

Clearly, Cardi B has had enough of behind-the-scenes drama. If anyone dares use her name for any upcoming controversies, the rapper has invited them to tag her straight away. The rapper prefers head-on direct accusations as compared to insinuations that fizzle out after promoting music.

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