Stephen Amell Reveals His Creative Influence In Arrow’s ‘One Particular’ Plotline

It seems like all Arrow fans will have to thank Stephen Amell for one particular storyline.

When Amell was asked about his creative influence on the world of Arrow, he revealed that he does give suggestions for some details in the show including the introduction of Oliver Queen’s son, William.

“I have a reasonable influence on the show.” Amell explained. “I get into the micro-elements of the show, but the macro-elements have always been the producers. The only big idea that I’ve ever had was when we did the first crossover with The Flash. I suggested that Oliver’s baby momma and his kid showed up at CC Jitters.”

As all Arrow fans would remember, it was revealed in the second season that Oliver had gotten Samantha Clayton pregnant, followed by Moira Queen paying Clayton millions of dollars to move out of the city and never speak to Oliver again. Oliver later got to learn about his child, William in the “Legends” crossover episode.

William and Samantha moved out of the city after the event of “Legends” where William was kidnapped by Damien Darhk. Samantha and William were even involved in the skirmish on Lian Yu, which led to the death of Samantha and William got raised by Oliver and Felicity Smoak after that.

It’s evident that William has had a major impact on the Arrowverse until now and even Amell has appreciated his presence in the show.

“The thrust of our show for the first five years is me being the Green Arrow, and growing into what that means and trying to learn from my experiences,” Amell told reporters during a set visit last year. “And, here we are. I have given it up with a very clear conscious, for at least for the foreseeable future on the show. Some of my stuff with Jack this year has been some of my favourite stuff to play. [He’s a] really, really good actor.”

“They’ve been really great about letting me get in there and play around with Jack and figure out how we make those scenes as relatable and human as possible.” Amell continued. “I do think that Oliver’s relationship with William, it has changed things forever. I don’t know where it ends up, but it’s not like we are going to erase him having a son. It’s now part of what we are doing.”

Arrow Season 7 premieres on The CW on October 15, 2018.

Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma

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