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Arrow is about to be an emotional eighth and final season. Fans from the CW series have already come into this, and they know that Oliver Queen will not live. But knowing that something will be emotional and that will effectively be another experience, and now series star Stephen amell gives fans a taste of this fresh, harrowing dialogue.

Amell shares lines from the final season

The said show ends with Season 8

Amell recently shared a line spoken by Oliver Queen/Green Arrow and it’s a line that highlights the one thing he’s fighting for: his family. 

“I need… my family… to live. Which means… that I need this to work,” Amell shared in the tweet.

Amell is known for teasing fans

This is not the first time Amell has shared some devastating dialogue from the Arrowverse series’ final season. Last month, Amell shared a dialog from the premiere of the season, in which Oliver seems to tell someone that he can not allow them to support him because they will die, and it’s the fault of Oliver. However, Amell did not show in this latest article what the episode is from, so fans asked where it falls in the latter season.

Clarification on Oliver’s ring

The hero in a still from the show

“She is ever-present in Oliver’s mind,” Amell said. “We found Oliver can’t wear his wedding ring in the premiere for a very specific reason, but he can wear it in the second episode. And it wasn’t built into the script, but I spoke to our director, Antonio Negret, and we built a moment of Oliver putting his ring back on and thinking about it. So Emily’s gone, off the show, but Felicity and William and Mia are ever-present in Oliver’s mind.”


Source: Comicbook, Simplenews  

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