Stephen Amell Shares BTS Video Of His Final Scene In Arrow

Arrow’s final season came earlier this year, and it certainly left things on an emotional note.

The long-running CW series brought an end to the story of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) and now we’ve a behind-the-scenes check out how one among the key moments came together.

The Instagram Leaks


You can check it out above, Additionally, Amell recently shared a video of himself and co-star Emily Bett Rickards on set, surrounded by many of the series’ cast and crew on Instagram.

The scene in question – saw Oliver and Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) reunite – something where fans of the series definitely had a fanatical response to.

The idea of an “Olicity” reunion had been a touch of an issue mark going into Season 8 after Rickards had stepped far away from the show within the Season 7 finale.

Waving Bye to Emily

Stephen Amell

A return is not completely up to him, Rickards said during a convention appearance last year.

Rickards spent seven years of his 20s on this show – people fall crazy with this character that he now got to say goodbye to.
Guggenheim didn’t know if Emily would return to the show.

The challenge in the show was, how does he see up a possible appearance in season eight, but not require, or not owe an appearance in season eight. But it all worked out very organically.”

The End was Beautiful

Stephen Amell in Oliver queen

Apparently, this has never happened to him ever since before, Guggenheim continued. He came out of the meditation with the entire scene in his head, like literally word for word, exactly as he simply watched it.

He quickly opened up the laptop, and was like – ‘I got to get this down.’
For him, it felt so right. And I very excitedly texted Beth, ‘I wrote the ultimate scene, I’ve needed to send it to you.’ in fact the large question was, is Emily returning to be in it? We were like, well, now she really has got to, because I actually love the scene. And fortunately, she did.”

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