The Arrowverse is yet again looking forward to expanding this year with the addition of Lois Lane and Batwoman, but is there more room for Batman and Green Lantern?

During an impromptu Q&A held on Facebook, Arrow star Stephen Amell was asked if Green Lantern or Batman may join the Arrowverse later. The actor replied, “I would never say never.”

Currently, Arrow is mining the Batman lore without including Batman, though Bruce Wayne and Gotham have been teased. Ruby Rose’s Batwoman is set to make her debut in the Elseworlds crossover event which will see Arrow, Supergirl, and Flash joining hands.

Now, whether the Gotham they’ve mentioned is the same or another world is yet to be seen, but the events’ name is Elseworlds, which draws a big clue in regards to Batman. It will be easier for him to fit in one of the shows as a guest star or maybe into his own show later, but odds are that DC would rather cash in for other characters in the show and leave Batman for the big screen.

For Green Lantern, chances are a bit slimmer than Batman. As a concept, it might seem too big to fit in CW’s Arrowverse. This might seem weird when Legends are the part of the same universe, but their adventures are still rooted for Earth mostly. Green Lantern & the Corps are at their best when exploring the space, so it would be a big change from other shows.

Not saying that it won’t work, but it would be surprising to see CW diving into these waters.

Amell was also asked if Oliver will meet Ralph Dibny this year. He replied, “I don’t know who that is. Am I supposed to know who that is? I have no idea who that is.”

Arrow Season 7 will premiere on October 15 on the CW.

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