The King of Literature

Stephen King’s books have been sold over 300 million times.

Stephen King is an American based author of horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, and fantasy novels. Many web series, movies, shows run on what he pens down. His work has mostly been accommodated into many of the feature films, but sometimes his narratives become TV miniseries. Stephen’s writing has an impeccable aura that connects with everyone who is associated with a topic of interest. He is widely regarded as the “King of Horror” for his fantastic humor in horror scripting. Many miniseries have already adopted King’s writing. Television is the dominant desired part of the King’s scripted novels and books.

A Pioneer of Original Content

Stephen’s best interest is to write on Horror related scripts.

He is also different from others in the regard that he’s more into writing LFCs (Long Form Content). Many of his novels have also been long, which only shows the determination that King puts into all of his projects. Stephens novels like “The Stand” and “IT” are real gateway stoppers, which includes many stories of over 1000 words, respectively. Creative composition, coupled with engaging content, ensures that these pieces of art find their way to the longer format of a TV miniseries than a theatrical film.

The Best and Worst of Stephen

Many series, films, shows have adopted Stephen’s scripts.

His novels, books, have finally been taken by others and ended up in a miniseries or a TV show. Some famous miniseries include the likes of IT (1990), The Stand (1994), Storm Of The Century (1999), The Shining (1997), Salem’s Lot (1979), and many more. But there are some miniseries also that didn’t rise to the bar that he himself set. Some of them include Bag Of Bones (2011), The Tommyknockers (1993), The Langoliers (1995), Rose Red (2002), and Salem’s Lot coming in 2004. King has a talent of narrating books that attach with our souls on a notably personal level.

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