“Stick to your day job, mate”: Gordon Ramsay’s $220M Empire In Jeopardy As British Billionaire Accuses His Show ‘Future Food Stars’ Is A Knockoff Of ‘The Apprentice’

Lord Alan Sugar has recently criticized Gordon Ramsay and called his show, Future Food Stars, a “virtual rip off” of Lord Alan Sugar’s 2005 food show, The Apprentice. The businessman believes that several shows have been made over the years in order to compete with his show but all of them have failed. He is not wrong, as Future Food Stars, which launched last year, sees contestants compete for financial backing for their food and drink businesses from chef Gordon Ramsay, which is quite similar to what viewers see on Lord Alan Sugar’s show, The Apprentice. He stated that Ramsay should “stick to his day job.

Lord Alan Sugar criticized Gordan Ramsay’s show

Lord Alan Sugar
Lord Alan Sugar

Business magnate, Lord Alan Sugar recently accused Gordan Ramsay‘s show of stealing his show, The Apprentice‘s basic plot, and idea. He said,

“Channel 4, Channel 5, and ITV have tried for many years — at least for 17 years — to try and replicate the elimination process of The Apprentice. I say this with great respect to them but they’ve failed. Last year, Gordon Ramsay had some cockamamie idea.”

Lord Sugar explained that the shows that tried to replicate his ideas have failed and then name-dropped Gordon Ramsay.

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Lord Sugar asked the chef to stick to his day job

Lord Alan Sugar
Businessman Lord Alan Sugar

Lord Alan Sugar was not happy last year when Ramsay’s show, Future Food Stars, was released. He called the show a “virtual rip-off” of The Apprentice. He said,

“I like Gordon and I think he’s very good and should stick to what he should do: cooking and all that stuff. I don’t know how the lawyers allowed it because it was a virtual rip-off of The Apprentice. No disrespect to Gordon but stick to your day job, mate. That’s all I would say.”

Gordon Ramsay is one of the most famous and influential chefs of all time. He has appeared in several cooking shows and reality shows surrounding food. Both shows see contestants compete in a series of tasks in order to convince the judges to invest in their business idea.

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Gordon Ramsay once talked about the similarity

Gordon Ramsay
Chef Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay’s show, which also airs on the BBC, is described as a “food and drink lifestyle business show.” As per RadioTimes, during the early phase, the chef said it may “rub” Lord Sugar’s feathers “the wrong way.” He reportedly said,

“I think I’ve lost a customer there. Who gives a f**k? […] But all jokes apart, I’m a big fan of The Apprentice.”

The new season of The Apprentice airs tonight, and 18 candidates will compete to win the business magnate’s £250,000 investment.

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Source: DailyMail

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