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The all-new line of Pokemon alarm clocks and lamps is all you will never need to enjoy a good night’s sleep and wake up to a bright morning. They are the cutest little products to have around the house, some of which offer multiple functions. Why buy a single product for each function, when you can have all included together in a Pokemon?

Purposes offered by the Pokemons

Purposes offered by the Pokemons
The Pokemon alarm clock that gives temperature, time as well as the date

One would think that these are just single-purpose decorative items for you to keep in your house. But you could not have been more wrong. The new Pokemon alarm clocks include several other features like time, date, and even room temperature. Simultaneously, the lamps serve as a night light for you to keep in your room so that no night is frightening and no morning is sorrowful. Their Ball Charmander and Pikachu versions even include an inbuilt FM radio for your sweet entertainment. What more do you want to lighten up your home?

Why buy these clocks and lamps?

The LED light offered by these little lamps is not an ordinary one. The device is structured in such a way that it emits a soft and soothing glow. It gives a subtle decor to the room, lighting it up in a way nothing else can. It even has multiple lighting modes that can be controlled using single remote access. It is easily portable, and let us face it- it is most definitely fun to have around.

The Pokemon alarm clocks work similarly, spreading tenderness and a happy vibe across the house.

Are all Pokemons worth the cost?

Are all Pokemons worth the cost?
Pokemon LED lamp being used as a night light

This one surely is. Its price ranges from $47.99 to $54.99, with free shipping valid for September. What are you waiting for? Pre-order yours immediately, before the limited stock runs out.

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