“Stop, Look more friendly”: Annoyed Jennifer Lopez’s Secret Message to Ben Affleck Hints at the Couple’s Rumored Troubled Marriage

The 2023 Grammy Awards ceremony has been a truly entertaining one for the viewers. Not only did the fans get to see their respective musicians and singers get the acclaimed award but also witnessed other interesting moments. One of the truly enticing moments was with Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck being the typical married couple. But to the viewer’s surprise, the couple didn’t seem to have a normal conversation, what they had seemed more of a petty quarrel. 

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck at the Grammy Awards 2023
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck at the 65th Grammy Awards ceremony

The Hollywood couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s marriage sparked conversations in the media. The couple’s reunion marked by their marriage was considered romantic by their fans. However, within months of their marriage, Lopez and Affleck’s disagreements sparked concerns among their fans about a potential divorce. So, does their little fight during the Grammys hint at the alleged troubles in their marriage?

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Grammy conversation

During Sunday’s Grammy Awards ceremony, the newly married Hollywood couple, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were spotted sitting next to each other. The couple had a secret and sudden wedding at The Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas on 17th July 2022. 

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez shushing Ben Affleck during the Grammy’s sparks questions

The couple was spotted together at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards looking fabulous as usual. However, during a comedy bit performed by Trevor Noah in front of the couple and the camera zoomed at them, the couple was spotted arguing with each other. The Hollywood celebrity couple was caught fighting on camera, which sparked concerns among fans regarding a potential divorce. The couple was spotted in a conversation initiated by Affleck to which Lopez shushed him by telling him something in a scolding manner. The couple then turned towards Noah, and spotting the camera zoomed at them recovered quickly, and participated in the act. 

According to Entertainment Tonight, lipreader Jeremy Freeman broke down the conversation. “I believe when Ben Affleck whispered into… Jennifer Lopez’s ear, she replied with, ‘Stop. Look more friendly. Look motivated,’” Freeman analyzed and shared. He further added, “[Then] she turned away and Ben Affleck shuttered uncomfortably… and [said], ‘I might’.

Not just the conversation they had, but even the Batman actor’s facial expression looking bored and tired throughout the ceremony, sparked online questions. 

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s rumors of a troubled marriage

Jennifer Lopez gently hitting Ben Affleck on his chest and asking him to look friendly and motivated sparked questions and conversations among netizens. The concerns become even more serious amid the couple’s divorce rumors within a few months of their wedding. Lopez allegedly relying on cosmetic treatment to look good and young and the couple trying to stay ahead of troubles, somehow makes netizens feel an unidentified toxicity between the couple. 

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s Grammy conversation trigger divorce rumors

After their Grammy conversation initiated social media conversations, sources came forward to justify their behavior. “Jen and Ben had a fun date night out at the Grammys, but they have both been very busy working on several projects, and Ben was feeling tired,” a source claimed. Further added, “He wanted to go and support Jen, but he wasn’t his usual self.

Justifying the lipread conversation between the couple, a source stated “Jen had a great time and wanted Ben to be excited to be there, but she understood where he was coming from,”. The source concluded by stating, Lopez “knows how supportive Ben is towards her and her work,” and added, “She is appreciative of his support”. 

The rumors of divorce and troubled marriage have neither been touched upon by the sources nor have been officially declared by the couple. However, the celebrity couple’s Grammy conversation no doubt sparked some serious curiosity among netizens. 

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Source: Entertainment Tonight 

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