“Stop posting my husband n*ked like that!”: Creed 3 Star Michael B Jordan Immediately Apologised to His Mother After Fans Go Berserk Over His Calvin Klein Ad

Actor Michael B Jordan rose to fame in the early 2010s after he appeared in Fruitvale Station as Oscar Grant. Over the years, the actor has played several memorable roles in blockbusters like Black Panther, Just Mercy, and Without Remorse. Another role that the actor is well-known for is Adonis Creed in the Creed movie series. The third installment of the series, Creed III, was released on 3rd March 2023 and the actor once again delivered an outstanding performance.

The actor previously posed for Calvin Klein for their spring/summer 2023 ad. The actor posed only in the brand’s briefs and broke the internet with his pictures. However, the actor was afraid that his pictures will also reach his mother, Donna Jordan.

Michael B Jordan posed in underwear

Michael B Jordan posing for Calvin Klein
Michael B Jordan posing for Calvin Klein

There is no doubt that actor Michael B Jordan is one of the most famous actors of this generation and obviously, brands would love to have him pose in their products. Calvin Klein, one of the top underwear brands in the world, got the actor to pose for their spring/summer 2023 ad. The actor posed in just his underwear and fans loved the look.

Calvin Klein captioned the post, “Should we drop more?” and fans went crazy in the comment section. One fan even wrote, “Stop posting my husband naked like that! Our kids can see this.” However, the actor was worried about something else.

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The actor was afraid that his mother will see the pictures

Michael B Jordan with his mother, Donna Jordan
Michael B Jordan with his mother, Donna Jordan

Despite receiving all the love from the fans, Michael B Jordan was afraid that his mother, Donna Jordan, will see his pictures. The actor told ET Canada during the premiere of Creed III,

“I was like, ‘My mama gonna have to see this. Let me call her and be like, I’m sorry. It’s out there.’ My business all out in the streets — literally.”

The actor is also well-known for his strong physique and all of his memorable roles required him to show off his physique.

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Michael B Jordan appeared in Creed III

Michael B Jordan in Creed III
Michael B Jordan in Creed III

The actor’s latest movie, Creed III, was released on 3rd March 2023. The story about two former friends battling each other received 87% on Rotten Tomatoes and a rating of 7.4/10 on IMDb. The first two Creed movies were also a success and helped Jordan in gaining a lot of recognition.

He began his career in the 2000s, however, the turning point in his career came in 2013 when he played the role of Oscar Grant in the film Fruitvale Station. He went on to star in several big hits and landed the role of Erik Killmonger in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The actor is also known for his philanthropic work as he donates a lot of income.

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Source: ET Canada

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