Strange But True !! A Connection Between Marvel and Steven Universe

Life’s difficult for Steven

Steven has absorbed a lot of physical punishment throughout his life.

Trauma, contending with different monsters, mutants, and aliens. This is what Steven has gone through in his not so long life, and he barely qualifies as a teenager. Although he still has his half-Gem genetics and powers to help him overcome whatever challenges come in his way, it doesn’t mean he’s not seen what death feels like. In fact, he’s been hugged, kissed, and embraced by death quite a few times, only to survive by the barest of margins.

Steven on the Logan Path

X-Men series fame Wolverine has the ability rapidly heal the wounds.

These wounds always seemed to have had little effect on the boy. However, there now seems to be a very clear explanation of why Steven can take so much abuse. Steven has just figured out that one of his abilities is actually a healing element, just like Marvel Comics’ Wolverine. Helping matters is the willingness of his body to age only if it experiences a particular personality change itself. That’s why Steven didn’t seem to age until he achieved a new stage of emotional maturity, as he went through a transformation that made him a young man from his early youth.

A Big Revelation Post Examination

Evaluations reveal that Steven has some serious traits that were hidden from him.













Steven’s body appears to be in good shape, following an initial examination. Dr. Maheswaran suggests that, because of a previously undiscovered healing element that Steven enjoys, he is rebounded from all the physical pain he deals with over the years. That implies that almost every wound that he experiences is almost immediately restored. But there are still residual signs of that, as shown by Dr. Maheswaran’s X-Ray. It appears Steven’s bones were all repaired at various stages but still carry the risk of fractures. All of this finally boils down to the fact Steven is in a physical condition no one expected him to be in.

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