Stranger Things Details You Missed: Why Can Vecna Open Portals Now?

Warning: This contains spoilers for Stranger Things season 4, volume 2.


There has been a raging question regarding season 4’s villain of Stranger Things, Vecna, which was hinted at in the season finale.

The true identity of  Vecna was revealed in season 4 of Stranger Things, Vol. 1 to be One/Henry Creel, a very powerful psychic with a number of scarily powerful abilities. Even then, before season 4 of Stranger Things, it didn’t look like Vecna could even open portals to the Upside Down.

Stranger Things Season 4 revealed Vecna’s devilish plan

Stranger Things

Season 4 of Stranger Things revealed Vecna’s devilish plan to somehow get the Upside Down into Hawkins by using the psychic link that he creates by taking the lives of a disturbed tee.

By doing this, he opens many small portals to cause a tear between the two existing dimensions. The number of murders he needs to make his plans come to life – four murders and well, four portals. By the end of season 4 of Stranger Things, he did exactly this and all of it ends with the Upside Down bleeding itself into Hawkins…

In earlier Stranger Things seasons, Vecna relied upon the existing portals to act inside Hawkins. Vecna didn’t attack anyone in the earlier seasons as he couldn’t — he did not have the ability to open the portals. The only one shown to exhibit this ability is Eleven and the fact that One can take the power of anything that he consumes is important to get his plan in seasons 3 and 4

Connection Vecna and Eleven Explained

Stranger Things
Eleven in Season 4

After Eleven closed the big portal in season 2, Vecna only had a small connection to the actual world via the Mind Flayer. He employed this to get close to Eleven only to get her powers, something he achieved in season 3’s “The Bite.” E’s cast-off blood reacts to the presence of Flayed Billy’s, hinting at the connection established, meaning Vecna can now open his own portals.

What Does This Portals Change Means For Stranger Things Season 5?

Stranger Things
Stranger Things Season 5

Eleven came to know through Vecna in the finale of season 4 that he wanted her powers so he could carry devastation all around. Now as he was not stuck in the Upside Down, we can’t say much about exactly what Stranger Things season 5 will showcase.

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