Stranger things dustbin going through surgery

Young Gaten Matarazzo, the 17-year-old actor who plays Dustin Henderson in the famous Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’ recently shared some pictures from the hospital ahead of a surgery he is undergoing for cleidocranial dysplasia. It is a skeletal disorder that impacts the growth of the bones and teeth. This has been written into Dustin’s character on the show.

Matarazzo’s Instagram post

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Gaten matarazzo uploads his picture before surgery

The fans and co-stars are chiming in under Matarazzo’s Instagram post to write words of encouragement and wish him well for his fourth surgery. This surgery has been called “a big one” by him in his post, that has also urged his fans to read up on the disorder.
Matarazzo’s struggle for acting

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Gaten Matarazzo in stranger things

Apart from Stranger Things, Matarazzo is a host on Prank Encounters, which is his second major Netflix gig. He had mentioned previously about his struggle due to his lisp, height and teeth, which all worked against him in the auditions. He added that Stranger Things had made him a familiar face.
CCD Smile

Donate to CCD smiles

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Gaten Matarazzo donating to CCD smiles

Matarazzo’s caption on Instagram post has made him the face of CCD Smiles (the organization he links in the comment). CCD is described by the organization as:
“Cleidocranial dysplasia (CCD) is a skeletal disorder characterized by open fontanelles (soft spot), small or absent clavicles (collarbones), and multiple dental abnormalities. It is a genetic birth defect caused by mutations to the RUNX2 gene. It occurs one in every one million births. It can be passed from an affected parent or can be a random mutation.”
All the fans across the world are wishing the best for Matarazzo’s surgery and also hoping for the quick recovery for the young star.

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