Which Is The Strongest Armor In MCU? Here’s The Greatest One!

Tony Stark has worked to outdo himself, creating better, more potent versions of his signature Iron Man suit.

His workshop in the MCU is a room load of impressive armors. But the most powerful one is neither the Hulkbuster nor even the Iron Man suit. So which is the strongest? Let’s find out.

From Where His Inspiration Originated!

Iron Man Suits

It all started in a cave with the bulky Mark I, and it kept going, from one new version to the next.

It all leads to a point where Tony built what was, arguably, his most potent Iron Man armor in Avengers: Infinity War thanks to nano-tech that allowed him to improve his armor.

In Iron Man 3 and Avengers: Age of Ultron, fans noticed that the genius had armor for every situation, whether that was to practice on the strength of Hulk’s alter ego or construct a suit in pieces. And yet, it turns out none of these armors are the MCU’s most durable.

The strongest suit isn’t worn by Tony Stark at all — it belongs to his wife, Pepper Potts.

Pepper Potts’ Rescue armor first appears when Morgan, Tony’s daughter, was playing with the gold and blue headgear. When Tony unveiled that the extraordinary armor was one he was operating on to be presented as a gift to Pepper.

In the next film, Pepper would suit-up in her armor to accompany the fight to defeat Thanos.

All You Got To Know About Pepper Potts’ Suit

Pepper Potts' Suit

The Rescue armor in the comics debuted in The Invincible Iron Man. It was initially designed to deliver exactly what its name implies: safety and rescue.

For that purpose, the armor was like a stripped-down tale of Iron Man suits, not having weapons of any kind. Instead of offering protection, enhanced strength, and flight.

While donning the armor, Pepper could execute rescue-search missions, but not go into battle against dangerous adversaries. However, the MCU version of the shield is much different — and much more powerful.

As she joins the climactic battle of Avengers: Endgame, she manifests how powerful the armor is. By swiftly crushing the ships of Thanos’ army, she focuses her repulsor blasts on.

The armor’s bobbing repulsors bind an additional disastrous punch. Better, however, she can knock-down a Leviathan alone. With a single burst, something that Tony Stark was never able to do in The Avengers, throughout the Fight of New York.

In fact, J.A.R.V.I.S. hinted Tony that he would succumb power before even entering the giant alien monster’s armor.

What Are All Of The Strengths Of Pepper’s Armor

What are All of the Strengths of Pepper's Armor
Since it’s Best of Iron Man’s Creation….It’s Loaded with strengths

This is evidence of the strength, and firepower Tony has implanted in his partner’s armor.

Also, it reveals how significantly he has discovered as he initially fought the Chitauri. Further demonstrates just how much power he’s willing to give to Pepper.

However, it’s important to note that he didn’t just give her strength for the sake of power. It makes sense that the Rescue armor would be the most potent Tony Stark has ever made, outside of just being the latest (and possibly last) suit he ever builds in the MCU.

After all, this armor’s primary function is to guard what is most beloved to him: his family.

Undoubtedly, he created robust suites for Spider-Man and War Machine. But it holds to cause that Tony would give exclusively the best one to his lady. Fans have only witnessed a few sights of what the Rescue armor can do.

Since Tony is no more, Pepper could resume operating as a superhero. If the character reappears in the MCU, she may get into more bounteous action, letting the audience view the tricks Tony devised for it.

It would mainly assist as further evidence that no other armor can even come close to it.

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