Stupefying Fan Theories About Classic Non-Disney Animated Movies

Animated Classics are what made our childhoods so great. While Disney has a bunch of those, there are many non-Disney animated movies that have many amazing fan theories.

The Egyptian Gods Were The Real Enemies In The Prince of Egypt

Unlike the Norse and Greek Gods, Egyptian Gods do not directly interfere in earthly matters. They leave it to their staunchest devotees, which in this case, were the royal Pharaohs of the kingdom. God needed to ensure the Egyptian Pantheon did not intervene. To do so  Yahweh waited till the time is right. Ramses, the new successor to the Egyptian Throne, was wrought with doubts about his role. This made it easier for Yahweh to use mysticism and calculated tactics to free his people from slavery.

Moses’ Mother Believed In Egyptian Gods In The Prince Of Egypt

Yocheved, mother of Moses, is seen singing to the river Nile during the opener to the movie. Yocheved was born a Jew. And in ancient times, the river Nile was thought to be a divine entity. The theory states Yocheved had forsaken her Jewish philosophies and was not singing to the Nile but praying to her. Yocheved believed in the Heliopolitian religion.

The Iron Giant’s Chest Cannon Could Destroy Entire Planets

A deleted cut scene seems to assure the fans that there was more to the design of the chest cannon of The Iron Giant than what met the eye. Why would any race send a single robot to annihilate an entire civilization. The theory is that humanity, back in those days, was just starting to explore space travel. Whatever race sent the robot to Earth wanted it to use the chest cannon to take down humanity before we challenge their hegemony.

The Secret Of Nimh Has No Real Magic But Advanced Technology

The Secret Of Nimh focuses heavily on the usage of magic. There are hyper intelligent rats with enhanced life spans after ingesting a serum. For some reason, NIMH is after the rats. The theory claims what we believe to be magic is just technology beyond our wildest imaginations.

Batty Has Had A Brain Transplant In FernGully

Although he claims he is a fruit bat, his facial features and anatomy give it away. Also there is a wire like appendage coming out of his head. According to his rap, he has been “brain fried, electrified, vivisectified.” This seems like some repressed memory of a time where he was experimented upon. Since his body seems closer to be of the size of a regular insectivore bat, it’s likely someone swapped brains and those wires are to monitor how Batty’s brain is responding to a new body.

Anastasia Was Faking Her Amnesia All This Time

Rasputin and many other people wanted her and her family line destroyed. Anastasia needed a way for her to escape their wrath. The fall that supposedly gave her amnesia was not packed with enough blunt force, claim some fans. When she realized her entire family has been murdered and her grandmother is no longer with her, she fabricated the entire Anya the Orphan origin story to save her skin.

The Iron Giant Did Not Come To Destroy Earth. He Was Just a Messenger

The Iron Giant knew how to speak in English. When he landed on the planet he knew how to communicate in a human language. But that bump on his head gave him a speech impediment. Eventually he did manage to teach himself how to speak in rudimentary English. Maybe the Aliens just wanted to contact the humans of Earth who had recently become a spacefaring species. The humans just denied themselves an opportunity to make contact with a more advanced lifeform.

Miguel & Tulio Are Norse Deities In El Dorado

The two con-men charm their way into El Dorado. Miguel is the more cunning liar while Tulio is more serious and strategic. Many fans claims the duo represent two famous Norse Gods – Loki and Thor respectively. They were just on an earthly quest when they stumbled upon an adventure and the rest is history.

Captain Neweyes & Professor Screweyes An Angel And A demon In We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story

Captain Neweyes pilots a golden flying craft full of light that hangs high above the Earth. he uses it to travel across time. he bestows intelligence and tries to fulfill the wishes of other people. Professor Screweyes lives in a dark, secluded house of horrors. he uses illusions and drugs to bring out the primal nature of all beings. Both represent good and evil through a biblical lens.

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