Suit Changes: 6 Most Controversial Changes Made To Superhero Costumes In Movies

Drawing a cool looking costume is one thing and getting it right is something entirely different. This can be put to real-world limitations, physics and practicality. There are a lot of comic book heroes who would end up looking quite stupid if they got exactly the same costume as in the comic books. There are quite a lot of costumes that require some minor changes to make sure they blend with the movie.

Usually, producers try to give fans something they can fall in love with when it comes to costumes. They adjust, tweak and alter superhero suits to make them believable and yet, inspiring to the audiences. Many times these changes are needlessly slammed and trolled by fans. Sometimes, this outrage has a reason behind it. We take a look at 6 of the most controversial(and disappointing) costume changes.


If we were to review Catwoman as a whole we wouldn’t know where to stopbut they alsoe movie, to put it simply, should never have been made. Not only did they screw up the entire premise of Catwoman by making her a hero, they messed up the simplest thing about the character, her costume.

Replacing her famous sleek, black leotard with a few straps for a top and torn leather pants was definitely the greatest idea. The movie bombed at the box-office like no superhero movie ever has. It is probably the most uniting movie of a DC character with fans from all quarters hating it.


George Clooney’s Batman is another movie that people want to forget. Not only was the movie Batman & Robin an epic flop, it also managed to screw up the costumes and somehow made them creepy.

Anyone who has ever spent more than 15 minutes on the internet already knows or is going to find out what we are talking about when we say these words- “BAT-NIPPLES.” Yep, we are not shying away from the issue of the overly anatomically correct costumes of both Batman and Robin.

3)Green Lantern

The less said about the movie, the better. Ryan Reynold’s Hal Jordan was unfortunately not a compelling enough character to hold the attention of fans. Oh, and the costume sucked.

The suit was, for some reason, completely computer generated. The generation is not very great and it pops out rather weirdly on-screen. Of course, the suit wasn’t the only thing wrong with this train-wreck.


We would all love to forget the first time Ryan Reynolds portrayed Deadpool on screen, but unfortunately, that time can’t be erased. It was in X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009.

While everyone loved Wade Wilson’s portrayal(it was a big reason for the massive fan support for Reynolds’ Deadpool), the actual Deadpool of the movie was poorly planned out. If we even let go of the fact that the Deadpool was wearing only a pair of maroon pants, far from his famous red-and-black costume, what hurt us most was that the wise-cracking Merc with a mouth had his mouth sewed shut!

5)Fantastic Four(Fant4astic?)

The movie actually titled Fant4astic was, to say the least, disappointing. The main characters of the movie were poorly cast, the story could have been much better, they don’t even use their codenames even once in the movie and the costumes were far from the original matching blue. Whatever problems the 2005 movie had, at least it had the proper costumes.


Mystique of the comics is usually a villain and has gone through plenty of costume changes. Her most famous long white dress with wide slits up the sides is quite iconic. It is safe to assume that the directors of the ongoing X-Men franchise had plenty of source material to work with.

So you can understand our surprise when we see Mystique dressed in well…nothing! Apparently, this was because Magneto inspires her to demonstrate her immense pride in being a mutant. Of course, this is the same Magneto who wears turtlenecks, cloaks, robes and a weird-looking, shiny helmet. Go figure.

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