Summer Olympic Games Postponed!!!

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has left the entire world in shock. From merely starting in China it has now spread to almost every corner of the world. The virus has not only killed many lives but it has also led to a lot of destruction in businesses worldwide. In view of the current pandemic, the Prime Minister of Japan has arrived at decision. It has postponed the 2020 Summer Olympic Games to the next year that is 2021.

Coronavirus, the disrupter of the world!

The deadly spread of Coronavirus that started fron China
The deadly virus.

The ongoing pandemic seems to go on and on with no name to stop. The Prime Minister’s of major countries like Italy, India, and others have declared lockdown seeing the spread of coronavirus. To beat the coronavirus, the Prime Minister of Japan has now taken a major decision. They have taken the decision to postpone the Summer Olympics 2020 after having a discussion with the International Olympics Committee President Thomas Bach.

Tokyo 2020 postponed to the next year!

Tokyo 2020 postponed due to the current pandemic
A person passing by the Tokyo 2020 logo with a mask.

Summer Olympics for 2020 was slated to be held from July 24 to August 9. Seeing the continuous mess caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the future of the Summer Olympics 2020 had already come in question. Finally, the government has taken a decision in favor of the country. 

Coronavirus leads to total lockdown in major countries!

Currently, the world is in a total lockdown state
Lockdown witnessed by major countries in the world.

Apart from that another reason Japan postponed the event was that athletes from Canada and Australia would not make it to the event. This is a shocking situation wherein the first time in history the game has been postponed. 

Earlier it was only with World War II wherein such events had been canceled.  The name of the Summer Olympic Games would still continue to be called ‘Tokyo 2020’ no matter, even if it is getting scheduled for the year 2021. 

Here’s a look at what led to the postponing of The Summer Olympics Game!



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