‘Supergirl’: Jon Cryer Teases Lex Luthor Could Get His Armored Super Suit

Last week on Supergirl we saw how brilliant Lex Luthor was! He not only assisted his sister Lena, with perfecting her Harun-El based serum so that she could save James’ life, but also revealed at the episode’s end that he had manipulated the entire scenario i.e. from James’ shooting to his own arrival at Lena’s house from prison due to his terminal cancer — in order to cure himself and escape. He is now out in the world with big, treacherous plans and it seems those plans might include his “Lexouit”.

(Jon Cryer as Lex Luthor in CW’s Supergirl)

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Jon Cryer’s Interview

Ahead of his debut on The CW series last week, Jon Cryer who plays the role of Lex Luthor on Supergirl, teased in a question and answer session with the press. He said that the fans may get to see more of the Lex Luthor’s armoured war suit in some capacity on the show. He also added:

“There will be a little bit of that. Can I say that? He mostly uses his mind and is manipulative and all, but we do have some of that.”

Lex’s Suit

We first saw Lex Luthor’s war suit in Action Comics #544 in the year 1983. It quickly engrained the minds of a generation of fans who grew up with Super Powers action figures, including one of Lex in the armour.

The suit was created on Lexor (yes, a planet named after him. It’s a long story). It only lasted for a couple of years before making its final appearance in the last pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths Superman story, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’s “For the Man Who Has Everything.” We have seen different variations on the suit been popped up in comics multiple times since then.

Lex’s Suit in Supergirl

In Season 3’s “For Good”, the Lexosuit showed up in action, worn into battle by Lex’s mother, Lillian. Lillian wore the armour after an assassination attempt on Morgan Edge (Adrian Pasdar) failed. Thanks to the timely intervention of her daughter, Lena (Katie McGrath)! Donning the war suit, Lillian makes herself an even more formidable threat. But she is ultimately dispatched by Supergirl and Mon-El.

Earlier this season (season 4), we also saw parts of the suit reappearing. We see Lena using one of the gloves/arms of the suit in a fight against Mercy Graves who had broken into the prototype storage of L-Corp.

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And now since Lex is out,  it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to see him gain access to that prototype storage and reclaim his suit. It is obvious especially when you consider that a part of his manipulation has been to have people still in his employ without Lena knowing, including Eve Tessmacher.

Producer Robert Rovner promisingly said:

“A lot of that backstory gets filled in in the next episode. But at the end of the next episode, Lex Luthor is still on the loose, and so is Eve. Eve is one of those threads that we’re on the hunt for.”

In short, look out for tonight’s episode to get few more clues!


(Source: Comicbook)

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