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All The Easter Eggs From The Premiere Of Superman & Lois!

The premiere of Superman and Lois is filled to brim with the Easter eggs making subtle references to the Superman… Read More

6 days ago

Spider-Man 3 Cast Reveals Multiple Fake Titles To Troll Fans

Spider-Man 3 actors Tom Holland , Jacob Batalon and Zendaya took the internet by surprise , by posting crazy possible… Read More

1 week ago

10 Times The DC Universe Almost Came To An End

The DC Universe has a long legacy of world-ending events, each being even bigger than before. Over the years, the… Read More

1 week ago

10 Things About MCU Phase 2 That Make No Sense At All

The MCU phase 2 consists of six films , beginning with Iron Man 3 and ending with Ant-Man. However, few… Read More

1 week ago

10 Times the DC Universe Almost Turned to Ash and Dust!

The DC Comics Universe has had multiple instances where the Multiverse ended. While this means drama, it also means that… Read More

1 week ago

Detective Comics: 10 “I’m Batman” Lines In The Films And Television, Categorized

Batman is among the frontrunner heroes of Detective Comics. He has had a colorful line of appearances in comic series,… Read More

1 week ago

Doctor Doom’s Initial 10 Animated Appearances (In Sequential Order)

Doctor Doom is arguably Marvel comics' most powerful super-villain. He served as the Supreme Leader of Latveria. In short, Doctor… Read More

2 weeks ago

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