Superhero Facts

Who is Superman Prime One Million?

Superman is the most powerful character of all time. This article will present a powerful version of Superman than the… Read More

2 days ago

Nova Corps: Little Known Facts About Marvel’s Lantern Corps

The Nova Corps is the inter-galactic peacekeeping force in Marvel Comics. Modelled after the Green Lantern Corps, they are so… Read More

3 days ago

Till Death Do Us Apart: Popular Marvel Superheroes You Never Knew Were Immortal

Heroes do the right thing or die trying. Fortunately these Marvel Superheroes can only do the former. They have the… Read More

4 days ago

Doctor Strangefate: Facts About The DC-Marvel Amalgam Superhero You Never Knew

The Amalgam Universe is a fusion of the DC and Marvel Universes. It's superheroes are a combination of the two… Read More

6 days ago

Did You Know Marvel Has Not 1 But 11 Captain Marvels! Here’s Who They Are!!

Carol Danvers is not the only captain Marvel of the Marvel Comic Book Universe. There are 11 more Captain Marvels… Read More

2 weeks ago

The Boys: Facts About Stormfront The Show Would Never Dare Tell You

The Boys took several liberties while they were adapting the stories and characters from the comic book source. Here are… Read More

2 weeks ago

The Hulk: Can The Raging Green Monster Break Adamantium?

The Marvel universe is known for having some of the best fighting machines. From Thanos to Sentry, the list of… Read More

3 weeks ago

New Theory: Tobey Maguire Playing Uncle Ben in Spider-Man 3

Many theories are been concocted by fans for the new Marvel Spider-Man 3. The rumors of Tobey Maguire's in Spider-Man… Read More

3 weeks ago

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