Albanian Police Officers Become Superheroes For A Day On Children’s Day

Children’s affinity towards superheroes is age old. For as long as the concept for superheroes existed, children all over the world have loved them.

Which is why, a few years back, the police department of Albania took to spread some smiles in the children’s section of a hospital by dressing up as superheroes.

With the world stuck in this lockdown, this sweet gesture by these police officers hopefully brings smiles to your faces as well.

International Children’s Day

On the occasion of International Children’s Day, the Albanian Police Forces and Special Forces donned capes, and became superheroes. They flew in from the terrace through the children’s ward of the hospital to greet the ones who could not go out to celebrate the day.

These superheroes did not just pop by to say hi! but also brought along some gifts and a badge that said – You are our hero. I mean, how sweet is that?

Look at Spider-Man swinging by to say Hi! to these children. And the children are so happy to be able to celebrate this day.

And even Batman took to the rope wires, and hung out with the children. And the children are equally excited to meet their favorite heroes.

This Batman apparently likes children well enough, as he sits to chat with this kid. And what child wouldn’t want some one on one time with the Batman?

And even shares a hi-five with another! And the child looks so happy to make a new friend.

The parents of the sick children are moved to tears with this thoughtful gesture from the Albanian police force. As the saying goes – Some heroes don’t wear capes.

Another police officer can be seen distributing gifts to the sick children. The children can be seen equally happy to be spending a day that’s a little different from the rest.

People outside the hospital can be seen taking photos and videos of the incident. You can see the whole thing here

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